Teaching Festival | Webster University

Teaching Festival

The Faculty Development Center partners with the Library, the Reeg Academic Resource Center, and the Online Learning Center to present the Teaching Festival, held each year in February. Part-time and full-time instructors are invited to propose workshop sessions, panels, and posters about teaching and learning topics, and a call for proposals appears each fall with a December deadline.

The Teaching Festival website includes an archive of sessions and posters from past festivals.

Faculty who are interested in participating but who don't know where to start are encouraged to get in touch with the Faculty Development Center. We are more than happy to talk about potential topics that align with your individual interests. Email askfdc@webster.edu to make an appointment.

Thinking about participating? Here are some questions you might ask yourself: 

  • What aspects of teaching are the most important to me? 
  • How does my teaching relate to my research or to my professional life? How does one inform the other? 
  • What do I do to engage my students in the classroom? What sorts of activities are the most impactful for my students? 
  • What projects and assignments do my students get the most excited about? 
  • How do I encourage collaboration in and out of the classroom? 
  • What do I do to motivate my students and to help them take ownership of their learning? 
  • How do I show my students that their opinions, perspectives, and experiences matter to me? What do I do to create an inclusive classroom space? 
  • How do I assess my students' learning? 
  • How do I collaborate with academic partners to support my students?