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Common Teaching Issues

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions helps to direct you to useful and appropriate resources.

I have a question about using WorldClassRoom. What should I do?
As a first step, we’d suggest browsing the WorldClassRoom FAQs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you are always welcome to contact the Faculty Development Center at If you’re teaching an online course, contact the Online Learning Center at
If you just started using WorldClassRoom and you’d like an overview of its features, we’re happy to provide a one-on-one consultation in person or remotely. Just email You can also browse our recordings of past WorldClassRoom training materials here.

What should I do if I think that a student has plagiarized?
Peruse the Procedures for Dealing with Plagiarism page and follow the steps outlined there. We would also encourage you to email or call Carolyn Brown in the Reeg Academic Resource Center at (314-246-7668), and she can give you a complete overview of your options.

How do I upload my syllabus to Concourse?
See the Concourse Instruction Manual, the Concourse Quick Reference Guide, and the Concourse FAQs.

How do I give a student an Incomplete?
The complete guidelines on requesting an Incomplete grade are available on the Graduate Student Resources advising page. If you intend to give a student an Incomplete, you must document the grade using an Incomplete Grade Form, which is available through the Connections Faculty Academic Services Tab. See this document on Accessing the Electronic Incomplete Grade Form in Connections for step-by-step instructions on how to find the Faculty Academic Services Tab in Connections and how to locate the Incomplete Grade Form.

Can I roll over material from one course to another in WorldClassRoom?
Yes! See How do I copy course materials from one section to another in web-enhanced courses?

Some of my students aren’t completing the reading and they don’t want to participate in class discussions. Is there anything I can do?
Yes, there are a few things that you can do immediately to help increase your students’ motivation, with minimal extra planning on your part. First, you might help your students better see what they get out of doing the reading: be explicit about how each reading relates to other course concepts or to their fields of study, be transparent about how completing the readings relates to their grade, and create opportunities for students to link assigned readings to issues that matter in their own lives (perhaps with short one-minute reflective responses in class). You might also consider sharing the responsibility of classroom leadership with your students. Ask students to sign up to lead class discussions on the readings, and create opportunities for active-learning activities in pairs and small groups in which they’ll want to be able to contribute something. Make an individual appointment with the FDC if you’d like more concrete ideas tailored to your specific course.

I thought my students were getting the material, but I just looked over their midterm exams and they don’t understand some basic course concepts. What can do this late in the course?
You can use a mid term exam debrief to go over the concepts that students struggled with, and, moving forward, you can create more frequent opportunities to check in with students to see whether they’re getting it. One technique that a lot of instructors like is called the “Muddiest Point,” in which you ask you students to write down the most confusing or challenging concept covered in class. They take one minute to write down their answers and hand them to you on their way out the door, then, the next class, you can go over those concepts that were unclear. Since it’s the midpoint in the semester, you might also take the opportunity to have your students complete a general midterm course evaluation, in which you ask your students questions about what is helping their learning and what they’re struggling with. For more classroom assessment techniques or for help designing a midterm course evaluation, make an individual appointment with the FDC.

Where can I find more information about practical matters related to teaching at Webster?
The A-Z Faculty Resources Page provides information on many practical matters and links to university policies.
Part-time faculty are invited to check out the Webster Adjunct Information Hub.
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