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Resources for New Faculty

If this is your first time teaching at Webster, welcome! We know that your expertise and commitment to teaching will create a classroom environment where students are motivated to succeed and to take ownership of their own learning. While your department chair and/or campus director may be able to provide you with a more personalized onboarding experience, we hope that the resources on this page help get you up and running as a Webster instructor.

Faculty Timeline of Teaching Activities

This Timeline of Teaching Activities (requires sign-in) is meant to help orient new faculty to their responsibilities over the course of the term. You can use it to help you plan for major administrative tasks, plan out your professional development goals, and remind yourself about teaching activities that help support student success and motivation. The chart on the first page summarizes activities in timeline form, and the following pages provide details about each activity.

Faculty Resource Guide

The Faculty Resource Guide compiles some of the most important information you'll need to know as a Webster faculty member, and includes information on administering your course, technology resources, teaching, research, advising, and various university policies.

Engaged Learning Resources

Below, we've included PDFs of some of the resources we use most often in consultations with faculty:

WorldClassRoom/Canvas Guides

WorldClassRoom (powered by Canvas) is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at Webster. It offers a platform for instructors to post class announcements, share course syllabi, provide learning materials, manage online discussions, collect and grade assignments, facilitate quizzes, and track grades. Contact the Faculty Development Center with questions about using WCR. Also visit the WorldClassRoom FAQs or visit Canvas Guides.

Syllabus Resources

Concourse is an online syllabus tool used to create clear and consistent syllabi. Faculty use this tool to create syllabi that can help them organize their course and clearly communicate learning outcomes, course expectations, and university policy to students. For faculty who are expected to use this program, Concourse can be located through Connections in the Faculty Tab. See the example/training syllabus or the Concourse Guide for more information.

Also see the Concourse Instruction Manual, the Concourse Quick Reference Guide, and the Concourse FAQs.

Higher Education in the U.S.

This document about U.S. higher education and Webster provides an introduction to the values of the U.S. higher education system. It aims to help orient Webster instructors across our global network to the expectations of working within the U.S. system.