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Workshops & Training

The Faculty Development Center offers faculty development workshops for departments and campuses across Webster University's international network on a wide variety of topics, personalized to fit the needs of your faculty. This page provides information on the types of workshops we offer and it explains the process of setting up a workshop.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find links to previously recorded workshops and other training materials.

Set up a Workshop for Your Department or Campus

If you'd like to set up a workshop for your department, school, campus, or even for several campuses, please contact us as and we can discuss what would best fit your faculty's needs. The information below explains the sorts of workshops we offer and outlines the process we go through in setting up a workshop.

Potential topics for your workshop:

  • Using technology to support student learning (WorldClassRoom, Office 365, Adobe, Concourse)
  • Pedagogy that supports engaged learning and student motivation (active and collaborative learning; reflection;classroom assessment techniques; creating a shared vision in a course)
  • Making learning relevant (creating experiential opportunities; relating material to individual motivations, to career goals, or to professional standards; incorporating student expertise into your course)
  • Helping students access the opportunities within the Webster network (connecting them with resources for student success; supporting undergraduate research)
  • Engaged learning for busy working adults
  • Inclusive teaching and teaching in diverse classrooms

Typical length of workshop:

45 minutes to 1 ½ hours, which can be embedded within a departmental or campus meeting or offered as a stand-alone activity. 

How we deliver workshops:

  • On the Webster Groves campus, we can deliver workshops in person or remotely via WebEx.
  • For all other campuses, we can deliver workshops remotely via WebEx.

Process to set up a faculty development workshop for an individual department or an individual campus:

  • Contact the Faculty Development Center as We will schedule the timing and topic of your workshop according the needs of your faculty.
  • We will talk to you in person or via phone, email, or WebEx to discuss the format and topic of the workshop.
  • Once we have finalized a date and determined a topic, you promote the event to your faculty.

Links to previously recorded workshops and other training materials

WorldClassRoom Webinars: This Expand Your Classroom webinar series is designed to help instructors learn how to use Canvas on every level of the web-enhancement spectrum, from posting a syllabus, to creating and grading assignments, and even facilitating group projects.

WorldClassRoom Quickguides

WorldClassRoom Help

WorldClassRoom FAQs

Qualtrics Training: training and resources for faculty and staff who are interested in using the Qualtrics survey tool.

For more information or assistance, please contact the Faculty Development Center at or call 1-866-963-8243.