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Finance Hold Amount Tripled

Effective Spring 2014, the unpaid balance on an account triggering a “registration hold” has been tripled from $500 to $1,500, so students can have an open balance of up to $1,500* and still be able to register for current or future term courses. This change was made to give students more time to work with financial aid counselors to address potential financial issues and avoid more serious problems in the future.

In order to ensure a streamlined and fair system for all, holds will be implemented once an account has a past due balance of more than $1,500. Tuition and student account charges are due before the beginning of the academic term of registration.

Students who have their tuition paid by employers or other third parties on a monthly or deferred basis, or are facing other short-term financial issues that could cause an account to exceed the new $1,500 limit at any time, will need to work with financial aid counselors to identify additional resources, if necessary, or work with the Bursar’s office to make payment arrangements. In addition, students who pay past-due balances with a personal check could see delays of up to two weeks before holds are lifted. To avoid registration delays, payments on past due accounts may be made with a cashier’s check, money order, or a credit card online.

No late charges or interest will be calculated against this short-term debt on a student account.

Letters and emails have been sent to currently registered students. Click here to view the full letter text.

 *Prior term balances assigned to collection or covered by a promissory note are not eligible for this new policy until the delinquent amounts have been paid in full.