Resource Planning & Budgeting | Webster University

Resource Planning & Budgeting



The Resource Planning & Budget Department provides strategic stewardship, financial insight and analysis and responsive customer service in support of University Leadership, laying a foundation for strategic and sustainable investment. 

Strategic Stewardship

The Resource Planning & Budget Department practices strategic stewardship of Webster University's domestic and international operating and capital budget. At the direction of University leadership, we work with academic and administrative units to guide the annual budgetary process, embracing efforts of process simplification, creating an open budget environment and developing innovative solutions. 

Insight & Analysis

Our department is also responsible for formulating budget policies and procedures, as well as providing financial insight and analysis to University Administration and the Board of Trustees.

Customer Service and Continuous Improvement

We provide responsive customer service in responding to all inquiries and requests and value transparency in proactive communications with budget stakeholders. Our team is committed to continuously evaluating and improving the University Budget Process by building on ongoing dialogue with operating units and making Webster University's Budget and related information accessible to faculty, staff, and students for their inspection and use.