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I-9 Information and Examples

The I-9 form must be completed on or before the first day of employment, and received by Student Employment no later than the third day of employment.

Accurate completion of the I-9 is a crucial element of federal compliance. All pertinent fields of the I-9 must be completed and the document submission(s) appropriately recorded.

New Hires may present one document from List A OR one document each from List B and List C. International students may have to present multiple List A documents. Supervisors must make copies of the original form of ID (you cannot accept copies/faxes) and complete section 2 of the I-9 accordingly.

acceptable forms

List A includes: U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card

List B includes: Driver's license, School ID, or federal/state/local issued ID card

List C includes: Social Security Card or Original/certified birth certificate

Supervisors cannot specify what forms of identification an employee must submit; new hires must be allowed to present any valid combination of documents listed on the I-9 form.

Below are the citizenship or U.S. employment-authorized immigration statuses the new hire can select on the I-9. The bullet point(s) under each status provides examples on how to complete the form based on the most commonly presented forms of identification. The fields highlighted in yellow are to be completed by the new hire. The fields highlighted in blue are to be completed by the supervisor who made the copies of the ID(s). This is not an exhaustive list of examples.

A Citizen of the United States:

A Noncitizen National of the United States:

A Lawful Permanent Resident:

An Alien Authorized to Work: