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The Student Employment Program is designed to help students meet educational expenses through meaningful employment. Student employment at Webster University is divided into two different programs:

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study recipients may work either on campus at the St. Louis home campus or at an approved Community Service Work-Study site. Students must be enrolled full-time to retain their award over the course of the academic year. Students have a specific award amount they can earn each fiscal year. Your Federal Work-Study award must be earned. If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study and cannot work or if you do no want to participate in the program, you must contact the Financial Aid Office in St. Louis to cancel your award.

Beginning July 1, 2016 student employees may hold up to three Federal Work-Study positions concurrently. Federal Work-Study Student Employment positions are typically posted in Handshake.

Program Date: July 1 – June 30

Program Date for Graduating Students: July 1 - Date of graduation*    

*If a student is graduating, then the student’s graduation day is the last day of eligibility for Federal Work-Study. Federal Work-Study student employees MAY NOT earn federal funds past their date of graduation. Student workers are not allowed to work in any Student Employment capacity after the last day of their graduating semester unless they are enrolled for classes in a degree seeking program the following semester.  In the event that the student is continuing at Webster University in this manner, the student can be employed as a student worker on budget funding as long as they meet all of the necessary requirements.

Institutional Student Employment

Institutional Student Employment is an option for current students at the St. Louis home campus as long as they are enrolled at least half-time, regardless of their financial need. These positions are typically posted in Handshake.

Program Date: June 1–May 31*

*Undergraduate and Graduate student graduates cannot work on campus in any Student Employment capacity after the last day of their graduating semester.

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