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Student Employment Program Policies

Federal Work-Study

Program Date: July 1 - June 30

Program Date for Graduating Students: July 1 - Date of graduation

Institutional Student Employment

Program Date: June 1 - May 31

Program Date for Graduating Students: June 1 - Last day of graduating semester

Student Employment Guidelines

  • Student Employment paperwork must be submitted on or before the start date for the student employee (per federal regulations).
  • If incomplete paperwork is submitted, the supervisor and the student will be notified immediately, The student employee's work schedule must be suspended until the paperwork is complete and the student has access to MyWebster.
  • No student employee may begin work until they have access to MyWebster.
  • Timcards must be finalized and approved by supervisors in MyWebster ON TIME according to the Payroll Schedule. Please be aware that there are early deadlines around holiday breaks.
  • International students are subject to the same deadlines with the exception of their Social Security number. International Students may begin working once they have applied for their Social Security card and received the SSA formal letter.
  • If an undergraduate student plans to work during the summer, they must be registered for Fall classes.
  • Students may work up to 37.5 hours per week during the summer (combination of ALL their student employment positions). If they are enrolled in summer classes, they may only work 20 hours.
  • Overtime (more than 37.5 hrs. per week) is NOT authorized for student employees.
  • An undergraduate student may earn their Federal Work-Study award if they have remaining funds until June 30. If they have already earned their full award, they must be switched to your department's budget.
  • Student workers are not allowed to work in any Student Employment capacity after the last day of their graduating semester unless they are enrolled for classes in a degree seeking program the following semester.  In the event that the student is continuing at Webster University in this manner, the student can be employed as a student worker on budget funding as long as they meet all of the other necessary requirements.
  • Student employees are not exempt from FICA withholdings during the summer.  They will be charged all Federal, State, Local (if applicable), Social Security, and Medicare taxes.
  • If you want your Graduate Assistant to work over the summer as an institutional (“Budget”) student employee, please complete an Employee Record Form to place your Graduate Student on Leave of Absence and submit the form to Human Resources by May 1. Please submit an Authorization Form to Student Employment to move them to an hourly institutional (“Budget”) student employment position.
  • Student Employment is only available to current students at the St Louis home campus, In addition, all paperwork is to be completed in person between student and supervisor.

Failure to comply with these policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action.  Further explanation and additional Student Employment policies can be found in the Student Employment Supervisor Manual.

Terms of employment

Student Employment provides temporary, part-time employment. The Federal Work-Study award is given to meet educational expenses including tuition and fees and cannot provide a sole source of financial support. If you find that you are unable to meet your educational and living expenses, contact your Financial Aid Counselor for possible alternatives. You may contact the Career Planning and Development Center for assistance with permanent employment off-campus.

When you are hired, your supervisor should fully explain the job duties, starting pay rate, student rights and responsibilities, and departmental policies. You should arrange a satisfactory work schedule with your supervisor. If you have Federal Work-Study be sure to consistently work the number of hours that will allow you to earn your entire Federal Work-Study award. Student employees are not entitled to paid vacations, holidays, sick pay, closure pay, or paid leave of absence. Students are paid only for time worked, and changes in work schedule due to illness, vacations, exam schedules, or course requirements should be arranged in advance with the supervisor.

General Policies

Student Code of Conduct and Procedures Policy
Drug & Alcohol Policy
Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Other Sexual Offenses
Ethics Policy
Workplace Safety