Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Art | Webster University
Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Art | Webster University

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts

The Webster University Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts is a nationally selective and prestigious college led by renowned artists. The College is where smart, talented, creative and inspired students from across the country come to thrive and make their dreams come true.

Whether in art, dance, music, theatre or a combination thereof, we take pride in nourishing our students' talents and abilities. The result for students? Successful careers, a lifelong love of the arts and a lasting dedication to their craft.


Art, Design & Art History

The Department of Art. Design and Art History stresses fundamental concepts that unify all art and yet allow infinite variation.


Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Webster's Conservatory blends students' academic experience with its association with professional theatre companies located on campus.



Students in Dance become skilled, creative, and thinking artists who are prepared for careers as performers, choreographers, educators, and scholars.



Faculty in the Music department include professional practitioners in their respective areas of interest. So students receive real-world knowledge that help them be prepared for careers as artists, educators and historians.

Creative? Inspired? If that defines you, you belong here.

Imagine studying, learning and training...

  • At a world-class university with a nationally known fine arts college in the middle of a thriving local arts community.
  • Where the focus is you, and you are the star.
  • Where you have intimate, small classes with nationally renowned artists as your professors.
  • Where those professor artists provide you individual attention.
  • Where learning opportunities with professional productions, concerts, and exhibits abound.

At Webster, you're surrounded by smart, talented, creative and inspired students just like you.

The arts connect us.

At Webster University, we believe that in a diverse and technologically advancing world, the arts serve as an expression of our culture's deeper values. Through expression in art, dance, music, and theatre we connect with our communities in ways that evoke emotion and create a greater understanding and resolve of the timeless challenges of the human condition.

Our longstanding tradition of meaningful creative expression, combined with Webster University's commitment as a home of significant professional arts organizations, create the rich artistic, academic and cultural atmosphere necessary to assure the success of our students in reaching their goals.


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