Mission Statement | Webster University

Mission Statement


First Year Experience and Undergraduate Persistence (FYE-UP) assists students in their transition through their academic and co-curricular experiences by connecting them to institutional resources and personnel. FYE-UP encourages students to identify as members of the Webster community and as global citizens.

 Our mission is achieved through:

  • Access
    • We will serve as a resource to the Webster University community on issues of connection, retention and student success.
    • We provide referrals for students to help connect them to resources that will help give them tools to use to be successful Webster students.
    • We serve as professional and student staff who are accessible to all first year students, freshman and transfers.
  • Advocacy
    • We help students become their own advocates by education them on the university's regulations and policies, and empowering them to be proactive in problem solving.
    • We serve as advocates as we listen effectively to student concerns and provide timely and accurate information, and offer alternative solutions to assist students in overcoming their circumstances.
    • We act as liaisons to University departments to help students have a seamless and efficient service experience.
  • Empowerment
    • We strive to empower students in the development of their potential to succeed personally, academically, and socially.
    • We encourage students to realize their strengths and connect them to experiences that can highlight those areas.
    • We connect their undergraduate experiences to how they can become a better professional after their degree completion.  
  • Experiential Learning
    • We provide students with access to hands-on, co-educational experiences that compliment and accompany ideas, theories, practices, and methods.
    • We encourage students to serve their community as leaders in student organizations and student employment opportunities.
    • We allow for connection between their inside the classroom learning to outside the classroom experiences.

Webster University Student Affairs Mission Statement: Student Affairs challenges and empowers students to become global citizens who think critically, act ethically, and assume responsibility as leaders.

Our mission is achieved through:

    • A network of student-centered departments, programs, and services
    • Collaboration with faculty and academic partners
    • Community engagement
    • Transformational learning
    • Meaningful reflection
    • Providing inclusive opportunities and diverse services
    • Advocacy and guidance
    • Connections
    • Enriching experiences that challenge and support students
    • Preparation for career