Why Live on Campus? | Webster University

Why Live on Campus?

Major Reasons to Live and Learn On Campus at Webster University

Webster University's Housing & Residential Life is strongly dedicated to ensuring that students feel included and provide a sense of community through their on-campus living. One of the major goals is to provide programs and services that enhance student learning and support student success. Below is a list of positive factors to prove how important campus housing is at Webster University.

Academic Achievement and Persistence
According to the American Council on Education, students who live on campus have a better persistence and academic achievement rate in college than students living off campus. Research shows that students who live on campus are likely to have a higher Grade Point Average (GPA) than students who reside off campus. Research also shows that students are able to take more college credits and transition easier into campus involvement. A study done by Kent State University proves that students who live on campus their first four semesters have a higher persistence rate than students who live on campus for their first two semesters or don't live on campus at all. In other words, students who live on campus have a higher success rate in college than students who live off campus or commute.

Safety and Security
Webster University prides itself on campus safety. Webster University Department of Public Safety patrols the campus 24/7/365 in a concerted effort to stay aware of campus happenings which is integral in maintaining safety and security. The Department of Public Safety has a great connection with the Housing & Residential Life Office and Webster Groves Police Department. Public Safety also oversees the emergency call boxes (blue lights), parking, campus safety escort program, fire safety, and violence prevention programs. 

Accessibility and Community
Living on campus puts you in closest proximity to classrooms, faculty offices, the library, support services such as the student health service and the academic resource center, and a myriad of activities and events. Students who live on campus are much more likely to make use of these resources than those who do not live on campus. Residents benefit from living in a community of students sharing common goals of academic and personal success. Studies show that students living on campus have a better opportunity for growth and success. Living in a student community enhances the learning process and prepares individuals for the real world.

Employment & Leadership Opportunities
On-campus residents are presented with a vast amount of leadership opportunities. Employment positions include resident assistants, desk attendants, and customer service associate positions. If students do not find enjoyment in either of three positions, students have the opportunity to get involved with the Residential Housing Association (RHA). The student-led organization is a key component to Webster University as they strive to create an amazing on-campus living experience for new students.

Resident Assistants (RA)
At Webster University, RAs go through extensive training to ensure that when an emergency presents itself, they know the proper procedures and steps to take. RAs and Housing staff are on call 24/7, and students can alert them if any emergencies or incidents take place. However, emergency uses are not the only responsibility of an RA. RAs are responsible for creating a positive community through programming, providing residents with valuable information, and serve as a resource for all campus residents.

Study/Lounge Area
All of our Residence Halls (East, West, and Maria Halls) have study areas for students which allows them to study in a location close to them. Webster has one study room on each floor, which allows the students to be flexible when trying to find a study area. Webster University's housing also has great lounge areas which allow the students to interact while watching television or playing a game. Webster Village Apartments has a great clubhouse which has a wonderful lounge area that can accommodate multiple students.

Campus Dining  
University Dining Services works with all students housed in the residence halls to ensure that dietary needs are met through the use of a required meal plan. Apartment residents and commuter students are able to opt into a meal plan or purchase Gorlok Bucks for use. By providing an all-points meal plan, Webster University is working to ensure that all residents have access to a variety of dining options throughout the day and more flexibility with how they purchase their meals.

Home Away From Home
All of the above points provide services and information regarding why living on campus is important. However, the most valuable service that Webster Housing & Residential Life offers is the ability for students to create a home away from home for them. We find that our residents return year after year to live with us. This is because they have been able to build great relationships with their peers, our staff members, and the great university community. We’d like to welcome you to the Webster University Housing & Residential Life family, if you have any questions about the housing application process, please feel free to contact us at 314-246-4663.