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Learning Communities


Your Learning Experience

We invite you to explore the option of participating in a dynamic learning community as part of your first-year experience at Webster University. Learning communities are groups of like-minded new students who choose to learn together, study together, and explore their fields of interest together.

The Learning Community (LC) program consists of co-enrolling students in purposefully paired courses in their first fall semester at Webster University. These courses are specifically selected for the learning community, and based on a topical interest or an area of academic study. You may participate as either a residential or commuter student. Residential students may be housed in the same residence hall as their fellow LC students, and commuter students will receive special access to that residential floor. Through these Learning Communities, you will participate in activities inside and outside of the classroom that will enhance your learning and a greater connection to the Webster University community.

Students involved in an LC will also have the opportunity to participate in outside the classroom experiences as a cohort. These programs and events are designed by your LC faculty members and meant to reflect and enhance your inside the classroom learning. These programs are exclusively planned for LC students to attend with their LC peers, upperclassmen mentors, and LC faculty members. 

Students participating in a Learning Community will receive:

    • immediate access to a community of students who share similar social and academic interests
    • encouragement to participate in leadership experiences
    • invitation to participate in outside classroom experiences that relate to their course curriculum
    • additional academic support from their faculty, staff, and peers
    • opportunities to build mentoring relationships with upperclassmen students

Sign-Up For A Learning Community During Registration!

When you register for classes ask your Academic Advisor about Learning Community Opportunities.  Don't miss out on this fantastic experience.