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The Education LC has introduced me to some of my best friends! Starting off college knowing no one, I loved having several classes with familiar faces, all of whom want to be teachers just like me! It was nice living on the same floor with my classmates because I could walk next door to ask about a homework question and there was always someone there for me when I needed help. I also had the opportunity to visit The Magic House and the City Museum, observing children and providing hands-on experience to help me with my major, while having fun at the same time! Natalie Gawedzinski, Education Learning Community 2011

Being a part of the Scholars LC made me want to explore more leadership opportunities on campus, step up and seek out my potential. The professors are incredible and extremely knowledgeable. The programs we've done have brought diverse people together and eventually made us friends. Taylor Snead, Scholars Learning Community 2011

I really loved being in the LC. It allowed me to make friends that I'm not sure I would have made if I hadn't been able to see the same people for some of my classes. It was fun being able to ask people about my classes and what to expect. It was also fun for me as a commuter since I wasn't able to be on campus 24/7. Overall, I'm glad I decided to apply.
Samantha Hitchings, Global Education Learning Community 2011

The Social Engagement Learning Community is exactly what the name says, social. The face that most of the students are housed together on the same floor and even in the same room was a huge advantage to everyone in the community. The three classes we took as a cohort made it easier for us to work together and adjust to one another. The biggest advantage of being in an LC is help with your assignments is right next door to you or across the hall.
Yvette Kwaku, Social Engagement Learning Community 2011

I'm really glad I decided to be in the Communications Learning Community because it helped me make friends that are interested in the same thing I am. Actually, it helped me make my best friends. With me being a commuter I was really concerned about not making friends as easy but the LC changed that completely for me. Also being able to have access to the dorms helps a lot too with group projects and just to hang out with friends!
Katie Ploesser, Communications Learning Community 2011

Living together was my favorite part of the experience. There's always someone from the LC to talk to in the lounge. Commuter students come to our floor and everyone hangs out together. It was so helpful to be around other art students.
Breana Overly, Fine Arts Learning Community 2011

The Pathways LC helped me realize my aspirations of becoming an active student leader. Thanks to the invaluable support group I've developed through this program, I now hold several responsibilities on campus as an executive board member of three student organizations. I'm confident that the connections I made those first few months at Webster will continue to help me achieve throughout my college career. It's a decision I'll never regret. Alexander Bonney, Pathways Learning Community 2012

I really enjoyed the collective nature of the LC because I got to know the people in really well and make so very close friends. I also enjoyed the classes, I learned so much from my professors. Joceyln Cato, Global Education Learning Community,2012

My fine arts learning community is like a second family. What I love about the learning community is that I'm able to meet tons of people who have the same passion. I also enjoy the events and am truly able to connect with them! Jenny Chan, Fine Arts Learning Community 2012

The LC definitely made me a lot more comfortable being in the college environment for the first semester, and I actually made a lot of good friends because if it. Also, the classes fit together in a really good way where one helped me understand the others better and vice versa. Kate Story, Social Engagement Learning Community 2012

I was so sure of what degree I thought I wanted. Pathways opened my eyes and now I'm undeclared. And it's amazing how much happier I am now that I'm free. Gabe Beckerle, Pathways Learning Community 2012

I was unsure about joining at first, but being involved in the Learning Community was one of the best things I did for my first year of college. I got to know a great group of people very well, and that strong support system helped to get my bearings while adjusting to college life. Hannah Graf, Global Education Learning Community 2012

The Fine Art Learning Community fosters an intensive collaboration between students and faculty, learning and making, inside and outside of the classroom. Students receive individualized attention from faculty and form a community bond that lasts throughout their education and beyond.
Robin Assner-Alvey, Fine Arts Learning Community Faculty, Fall 09-11

I love being an LC faculty member.  Each and every student bring such a unique perspective to the class.  Most class periods end up being quite an adventure because the students take discussions in so many different and unexpected directions. 
Mary Preuss, Pathways Learning Community Faculty Fall 11-12

Being part of a learning community is a special experience. The students get to know each other much earlier in the semester and form closer bonds than in any other class I have taught. Their learning experiences in the classroom are enhanced by spending time together outside of class at activities and by living together in the residence halls. In the Global Education LC, the students break out of their comfort zones to examine cultural differences and better understand their own identity. This learning process is much more rewarding in the close-knit, supportive environment of the LC.  Bethany Keller Global Education  Learning Community Faculty 11-13