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The Multicultural Center hosts many programs throughout the year, both small scale and campus wide, to strengthen and encourage the diverse student body at the University. Come learn and explore! Past programs include African American Read In, Black History Trivia, Culture Chat, Diwali, International Education Week speakers such as Ken Nwadike, International Study Hall, John Quinones, Killer Mike (Michael) Render, Women’s History Month speakers such as Soledad O’Brien, Career Workshops, Crossing Borders Education resources and many more.

Culture Chat

Make new connections and get to know students outside of your classes! Make new friends, cross cultures and have fun together at the Culture Chat.

January 23rd - birthday party! What are your traditions for celebrating? 

February 13th - dating and romance! Our February chat is all about love. How do people meet in different cultures? What are dating customs and taboos around the world? (SPOILER ALERT! There will be Valentine's Day snacks and activities to enjoy!) 

March 26th - all about family and relationships! What does family mean to you? How do you define your family? 

April 23rd - all about slang and taboo topics! What slang words did you learn first in a new language? What topics are off limits to discuss at home?

Thursdays: 3:30-4:30 PM

East Academic Building Room 236, 545 Garden Avenue

Sponsored by the Reeg Academic Resource Center, International Languages and Cultures Department, English as a Second Language Department, and Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs.

Culture Chat