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Military Tuition Assistance & Admissions

Become a military student at Webster University.

Military graduate student applicants are typically not required to provide letters of recommendation, nor complete the GRE, GMAT or MAT. Refer to the graduate catalog degree program page for more details. Webster holds cooperative degree programs with 43 professional military and Department of Defense schools, which provide transfer credit for various Professional Military Education (PME) courses.

Students should speak with a military advisor regarding consideration for possible transfer credit by calling the Office of Military Affairs at 1-314-246-VETS (8387). In addition, students should receive approval from their ESO, military counselor or Service prior to enrollment with Webster University.

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Students:  Read Below

In accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), we are asked to provide the below websites in order for you to make an informed educational decision.

1. The College Scorecard Which is a planning tool and resources to assist prospective students and their families as they evaluate options in selecting a school and is located at:

2. The College Navigator which is a consumer tool that provides school information to include tuition and fees, retention and graduation rates, use of financial aid, student loan default rates and features a cost calculator and school comparison tool.  The College Navigator is located at:

3. The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet which is a model aid award letter designed to simplify the information that prospective students receive about costs and financial aid so they can easily compare institutions and make informed decisions about where to attend school.  The Shopping Sheet can be accessed at:

4. The "Paying for College" webpage which can be used by prospective students to enter the names of up to three schools and receive detailed financial information on each one and to enter actual financial aid award information.  The tool can be accessed at:

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Assistance and instruction on how to receive your official military transcripts here.


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