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First Responder Scholarship

The Webster University First Responder Scholarship is open to qualified First Responders at the undergraduate, undergraduate completion and graduate levels, as well as to qualified First Responder transfer students, attending or planning to attend a Webster University campus in the United States.  The program is available, also, for those enrolled or planning to enroll in Webster University online undergraduate degree programs or online graduate degree programs. Webster has recently added Police Academy Transfer Credit opportunities.

Eligibility, Scholarship & Tuition Information*

Any currently qualified First Responder is eligible for this program. The First Responder tuition rate is our normal Metro campus tuition rates, but all students are eligible to receive a First Responder Scholarship, which essentially reduces your “net tuition” to equal that of Webster's active duty military students The program is available to qualified First Responders who are undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at any US campus or online. Flat fee degree programs are excluded (Undergraduate Flat fee, Conservatory, Global MA International Relations, MA International Nongovernmental Organizations, and Nurse Anesthesia, no active duty rate is offered for these programs). Additionally, the Scholarship is not retroactive to previous terms of enrollment. For eligibility determination or any other questions, please click the "Request More Info" button above.

First Responder organizations with the potential for 20 to 25 students may qualify for a cohort group, available in the classroom, online, or in a combination of the two. Organizations should contact the closest Webster University campus for details or use the "Request More Info" button on this page.

First Responder Definition:

First Responders are defined as those deployed to emergencies, natural disasters, bioterrorism attacks, and terrorist attacks.  Qualified First Responders include:

State and Local Police Officers and Sheriffs
Registered Nurses or Physicians working in emergency room settings

Additionally, applications may be considered from individuals who can demonstrate completion and current certification via an emergency first response course and/or demonstrate that they provide emergency medical care through employment or in association with a medical response agency.

If your current role is not covered by the above definition, but you feel you serve as a First Responder, you can submit an appeal and supporting documentation demonstrating First Responder responsibilities to:

Office of the Dean for Military Campuses and Online Learning
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood
St. Louis, MO  63119

or scan and email documentation, attn: First Responder Appeal, to

*Guidelines and processes apply to students enrolling in AY18/19 and beyond.

Police Academy Transfer Credits

Transfer guides for the police academies in the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas, and with the Oklahoma State Highway Patrol. Graduates of the police academy may be eligible to receive transfer credit toward completion of their Webster degree. 

Police Academy Transfer Guides



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