Design and Development of Online Courses | Webster University

Design and Development of Online Courses

All online courses at Webster University are designed and developed in the Online Learning Center (OLC) of the university. The instructional designers of the OLC work directly with faculty members to create a master section of each course that will be taught online. All online courses are taught from a cloned version of the master each term they are scheduled to ensure consistency and adherence to the standards imposed by the department, school, college, and/or university.

The process for design and development starts about six months before the course will be offered. Campus departments will contact the OLC to request that a course be added to the queue and a formal agreement is entered to develop the course.

An instructional designer will partner with the faculty member to assimilate their content into a course shell that will include assignments, assessments, and discussions. The role of the instructional designer is to offer instructional advice and to assist the faculty with ideas for presenting the content in an effective and interactive way in order to enhance student learning.

Assisting the instructional designer is a team of creative course developers who can produce interactive learning materials for the online courses. These interactive materials can include flash objects, games, videos, flash cards, videos, and much more.