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Why Webster University Online?


Tradition and Technology

Webster University is a inclusive, private, non-profit U.S. based university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Built from nearly a century of traditional education, grounded in quality since 1915, Webster University is a worldwide institution that brings an extensive and dynamic international network to the global classroom. Courses in WorldClassRoom incorporate the latest educational technologies to provide a high-quality learning experience.

Curriculum is Optimized for Online Learning

Courses in WorldClassRoom are specifically designed with the online learner in mind. Custom courses are created and delivered by the same distinguished faculty who teach on ground. State of the art technology enhances online delivery, ensuring a direct and positive connection to the knowledge and expertise of our faculty and the online community.

Diverse Perspectives

WorldClassRoom provides for varied and unique perspectives. Your classmates and faculty may be anywhere in the world which provides for invaluable insights and world views that you may not be privy to in a traditional on-ground learning experience.  As a WorldClassRoom student, you are building and engaging a network of international peers that will not only help you on your educational journey, but will be indispensable to you once you have that diploma and are on your path to a career.

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