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Webster Students Talk About Online Learning

Nicholle Hinkle, MA - Public Relations, May 2018 Cape Giradeau, MO
Nicholle Hinkle“I've really enjoyed my time at Webster so far and the online learning environment here greatly exceeded my expectations. I was somewhat nervous when I started the program because I had been out of school for about 3 years and work full time, but the staff in the Online Learning Center made the transition very smooth and has been there anytime I had a question or needed help. I would highly recommend Webster to anyone who is looking to advance their career as all of the classes that I have taken have beenextremely valuable and the professors are full of knowledge."

Bryan Lowery, MBA, May 2017, Saint Charles, MO
Bryan Lowery“Through my MBA work at Webster, I have found a new appreciation and understanding of the world of Finance and Accounting. My level of knowledge is higher than ever and I have seen a vast improvement in my application of accounting principles.”


Captain Kasie Valenti, MA - Management and Leadership, May 2015, Petersburg, VA
Captain Kasie Valenti“I have been in the Military my entire professional life and I am currently working towards my Masters in Management and Leadership. Webster University has given me a perspective, civilian perspective that I can honestly say that my military peers do not have. The knowledge I am gaining from this institution is giving me the skills that will help me grow as a leader and as a current Company Commander.”

Rebecca Bradley, MA - Communications Arts, March 2012, Ballwin, MO
Rebecca Bradley"The online learning program at Webster was helpful when I needed to get graduate credit while working a full time job.  It was great that I was able to log in on my schedule and complete homework over the weekend.  I could participate in a discussion from anywhere!  My online courses were surprisingly interactive.  We had weekly discussions and everyone - including the professors - participated regularly.  I almost feel like I got to know my classmates better than I do in a regular classroom because we each had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our thoughts through projects and discussions. My instructors responded quickly when I had a question and gave me detailed feedback on assignments."

Daniel Campbell, Sr., MA - Management and Leadership, December 2014, Lawton, OK
Gorlok“Webster has always had the nicest and most welcoming personnel. Whether you are working with them online or in person they work with you.” 



Zerline Danesco, MA - Management and Leadership, May 2015, Stafford, VA
Zerline Danesco “When I was looking for an online graduate school, I chose Webster University over other schools because of their commitment to helping current and former military service members. I work full-time and am a military reservist. Furthering my education has always been a lifelong goal of mine. I remember my hesitation with my first online experience--how do I balance two careers with school?  My school advisor and instructors have been nothing but superb. I am currently two classes shy from finishing my first master's degree. Thank you Webster University for the positive expe

Kimberly Harris, MA - Human Resource Management, October 2014, El Paso, TX
Kimberly Harris“Webster University definitely made a great impression/impact on me. I received my Bachelor's Degree from Mountain State University, but they closed back in 2012. I did research on other schools for my Master's and I ran across Webster University online. They instantly caught my eye. I made a phone call to admissions and they were so nice and helpful. I will be done with my Master's Degree this week and I am so happy that I chose Webster University. The professors were all nice and knowledgeable. They made sure they led us in the right direction. Webster University is the best!”

Major William Carruth, MA - Procurement and Acquisitions Management, May 2012, Leesville, LA
William Carruth"As an active duty member and a husband and father of 3, Webster University made it easy for me to balance family, work and school without having to prioritize one over the other."



Captain Jamel Kirklin, MA - Procurement and Acquisitions Management, May 2019, Fayetteville, NC
Jamel Kirklin“What comes to my mind when I think of Webster is a university that supports your vision and provides the right people and materials for your educational desires.” 



Pamela Hanshew, MBA - Emphasis in Management & Leadership, May 2018, Kokomo, IN
Pamela Hanshew“Webster has enabled me to achieve my goal of obtaining my Masters Degree in Business via the online format. My husband is in the Army and we move so frequently that it was cost prohibitive to enroll in a traditional setting. I have had top notch Professors. The classes, though difficult at times, made me push myself intellectually and provided a solid basis for my future. As much as technology has evolved the online environment offered at Webster has also provided me an essential tool within business today for my resume working in a virtual environment individually and as part of an assigned team within my coursework.”

Major Matthew Kime, MBA, December 2009, Dulles, VA
Matthew Kime“I chose Webster University’s online program to earn my MBA.  As an active duty service member, I had very specific educational requirements to meet for certification and promotion in my career field.  I was stationed overseas and desired an accredited, recognized program that fit with my work schedule and family commitments.  Additionally I sought a program that would prepare me for a second career after the military.  Webster University was the right choice for me.”

Albert Hutchins, MA-Management and Leadership, December 2015, San Antonio, TX

Gorlok “I have been one of those that have delayed going back to school for over 3 decades. Webster not only has made it possible to get my degree (which I will accomplish next Dec) but also continue to work and support my family. The on-line classes have worked perfectly for my schedule and the instructors make themselves available to us.”


Marc Ayers, MA - INTL October 2014, Belize, Central America
Marc Ayers“I chose Webster University for my Masters in International Relations. The online learning experience was wonderful and a program I would recommend to any student interested in pursuing a degree online. Obtaining my degree online was important to me. I wanted my degree in International Relations so I could use it while starting an NGO in Belize. Several times a year, I would travel to Belize to start paperwork and meet with government officials. The online platform at Webster allowed me to complete my studies, tests, quizzes, and submit research papers while abroad. Without the online platform at Webster, my Masters would have taken me much longer to complete in a traditional classroom learning environment. The rapid pace of globalization and the digital age makes it even more important for students to have a 21st century education. I'm looking forward to using my degree and experience from Webster University at home and abroad."

Shaun Braswell, MA - Media Communications, May 2015, Park Hills, MO
Shaun Braswell“Being a parent of three, a husband, and working full-time, life can be hectic enough, let alone being a full time graduate student. Everyone from the administration to the instructors have been pleasant and extremely helpful in my educational path. Webster University seems more like a family than just another institution. I am proud that I will soon call Webster my Alma Mater and thankful for everything I have learned and will be able to share with the world."


Jacqueline Macklin, MA-Gerontology, December 2015
Gorlok“At fifty years of age I feel EMPOWERED!!!!!”



 Celeste Matthews, MA - Management and Leadership, May 2018, Jacksonville, FL
Celeste Matthews"It took me 4 years after my undergrad degree, to go back to school. I always felt that I wouldn't be able to continue in school due to the demands of work and family. Webster showed me the complete opposite, I've never witnessed a school that is genuinely concerned about the success of their students, as flexible and realistic to the work force as Webster is. The orientation was a deciding factor for me and I felt welcomed, encouraged and motivated to start and now finish my Masters degree. Thanks Webster!!"

Damon Brooks, MA - Information Technology Management, March 2014, Springfield, IL
Damon Brooks"Since obtaining my Master's Degree in Information Technology Management, I am confident that I can take my IT career to new places.  My degree has opened doors to me that I had not even thought about.  The online learning format was perfect for working professionals and the online format of Webster's WorldClassRoom is top shelf!" 


Allison Huey, MA - MGTL, May 2014, Des Moines, IA
Allison Huey “For me, the Management and Leadership program was truly a unique experience. Whether I was observing or applying knowledge of best practices and theories into my own work environment, I was able to then engage in an interprofessional discussions and projects to create the ultimate active learning opportunity. With this I was able to refine my decision making and problem solving skills, feeling prepared as a manager and leader in my community.”

Rosanna Mendiola, MA - Communications Management, May 2019, San Antonio, TX
Gorlok “When I was admitted as a Graduate student to Webster University I was given a wonderful opportunity. I was insecure about starting grad school. I wasn't sure if I had it in me. After my first nine weeks of online courses, I am convinced that I am just as capable of success as anyone else. The class discussions and assignments help me to grow academically. I owe a lot of that to my professor, advisor and online support team for providing honest feedback and supporting me through my first term of grad school.”

Michael Biegler, MET, May 2014, Online Teaching and Learning Certificate, El Paso TX
Michael Biegler“Hi, my name is Mike Biegler, and I am working on my second Master’s Degree. My first degree [with Webster] is in Education Technology, and my current degree will be in Education Technology Leadership. I chose to take classes with Webster because of its fine reputation among previous education institutions I have attended.
One of the finer points of Webster is that it is geared towards adults. Although the classes are available in the traditional fashion [brick-and-mortar, where students actually engage in a classroom setting] as well as online. This is an optimal setting for working adults who cannot attend classes due to their schedules and/or family obligations. Though engaging in online classes requires self-discipline, it allows for students to complete projects and assignments, participate in discussions that count toward the overall grade, and interact with students on a global level. For example; children of adult students require attention between the time the parent comes home from work and their bedtime. The adult student has a few hours to engage in their coursework with minimal interruptions, which allows for concentration.  However; adult students may need [or want] that student-student or student-instructor interaction, and can only get motivated while in the company of the classroom setting. My experience is with the online courses with Webster University.
I have been afforded many opportunities to network with fellow students and instructors, which have resulted in benefitting my future plans. The instructors are not only knowledgeable in their respective field, but are more than willing to share their experiences and provide the necessary guidance that enables students to succeed. The course work, while demanding at times, engages the student in thought-provoking assignments and projects, while discussion threads allow for expanding the knowledge base and listening to varying perspectives. The course work has exposed me to a variety of new software programs resulting from the assignments and projects, exploring new technologies and incorporating them into real-life situations, and most importantly, Webster is a inclusive, private, non-profit University. What does this mean? Well … inclusive indicates the approval of the most stringent credentialing procedures a university can experience, the non-profit indicates that this university is more concerned with student success than profiteering. Webster is not a diploma mill, where students receive diplomas by barely passing courses while the school is busy making money. Webster is a private institution, which means there is no red tape to overcome for policies and procedures to be enacted.
In short; my experiences with Webster have been positive, productive, and fulfilling. My future plans include Webster University regarding my career opportunities. I highly suggest Webster University as an educational arena that caters to student success, improving global interactions, and strengthening your knowledge base.“

Benjamin Archibald, MBA, March 2015, Daytona Beach, FL
Benjamin Archibald“Well, I am an online student currently finishing up my MBA and working on an MA in Human Resource Management. I had a lot of reservations about taking courses online, but that is all my schedule allows for right now. The Webster staff and faculty have made my journey through higher education rewarding and enjoyable. I have learned so much in my time here with Webster.”


Amy Harris, MA - Management and Leadership, May 2015, Saint Louis, MO
Gorlok “Webster U has created the perfect avenue for me to achieve one of my "goals", which was to return to school & get a graduate degree. This was important not only to ME, but for me to provide a good example of what you CAN do if you want it, to my kids!”



Kristie Buck, MS - Forensic Accounting, December 2012, Manchester, MO
Kristie Buck"Online learning through Webster allowed me to fulfill my Master’s Degree while maintaining my active lifestyle.  The teachers are readily accessible for lessons and questions through the web and I loved being able to adapt my studying schedule as needed from week to week."