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Parent Council

Recognizing the important role parents play in the success of their children's college experience, the Webster University Parent Council has been created to establish a formal channel of communication between the parent community and the University.

The Parent Council gives voice to parents and provides an opportunity for Webster University to share important information on curriculum, study abroad opportunities, student life, financial aid, capital improvements, athletics and programmatic news from deans and faculty.  The Parent Council plays an integral role in the University, and specifically, serves as a vital resource to Parent Association planning and execution.

Members of the Parent Council have access to the University's leadership and are a communications conduit for the parent community at large.  In developing a strong, two-way channel of communication between Webster and the parent community, the University strives toward providing each of its students with the very best college experience possible and as a consequence delivering high parental satisfaction.

Organizational Focus

Working with Webster's Director of Parent Engagement, the Parent Council has two main goals.

  • New Student Recruitment (increasing new student applications, converting admitted students to enrolled students and ensuring enrolled students attend.)
  • Student Retention & Persistence (student life, Parent Fund fundraising, co-curricular and extra-curricular students, parental peer-to-peer involvement to support persistence.) 

The Parent Council consists of a Chair or Co-Chairs and a council of up to twenty families of current undergraduate Webster University students.  Parent Council members serve at the invitation of the Director of Parent Engagement. 
The Parent Council meets twice a year on the Webster Groves campus of Webster University for planning purposes.  Logistical support is provided by the Director of Parent Engagement. Committee meetings are also held throughout the academic year.

The Chair(s) of the Parent Council exhibits strong support for the Council's goals through their engagement with campus activities. The Chair(s) provides leadership to the Council and as representatives of the parent community. Parent Council Chair(s) are appointed by the Director of Parent Engagement. 

Expectations of Council Members

  • Serve as a member of the Parent Council for the duration of your student's enrollment at Webster.
  • Attend and participate in two Council meetings on campus, per year. The fall meeting held in August and the spring meeting in February.
  • Attend monthly committee meetings as assigned.
  • Learn about Webster, its mission, programs and activities.
  • Learn about the Webster Parent Association, its mission, membership and activities.
  • Participate in Webster Parent events to the best of your ability.
  • If on Facebook, participate on the Parent Association Facebook group.
  • Be responsive to the Director of Parent Engagement for requests, such as meeting invitations and inform the office of any updates for your contact information, etc.
  • Be a positive advocate for Webster and serve as a resource for families in your geographic area.

Parent Council Benefits

  • 2 free tickets (per family) to Webster University Conservatory performances.
  • Membership to Webster University Fitness Center, pool and gym. Click here for more information.

Current Parent Council Members

Tara and Michael Baldridge
Laura and Eric Buchholz
Yvonne and Ron Buhlinger
Tina and Paul Calabrese
Faye and John Henderson
Sheila and Carl Huff
Angela and Scott Hutson
Beth and Gene Manis
Maxine and Dan Retzer (chairs)
Carrie and Brian Schildroth
Shelley and Michael Simon
Joey Timmer
Tammy Willis



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