Fire | Webster University


Fire in a building can occur for a variety of reasons and can occur at anytime and spread very quickly.

Fire Procedure 

  1. Anyone seeing a fire, observing or smelling smoke should immediately go to the nearest fire alarm pull station and activate the fire alarm. Extinguish the fire only if you can do so safely and quickly.
  2. They should then notify public safety at Ext 6911.
  3. Faculty members and department heads shall assume responsibility for those people in their charge and evacuate their classrooms and offices in an orderly manner to the nearest designated evacuation route and assembly point.
  4. Faculty and department heads are responsible for keeping all students in the assembly area until recalled to the building or advised by emergency personnel of where to go.
  5. If students want to leave, or are dismissed, it is the responsibility of the instructor to obtain their name and log it down.

Departmen heads are also responsible for keeping a head-count of their employees.

Fire Safety Tips

If clothes are on fire

Stop, drop, and roll to extinguish fire. 

If trapped in a room

  1. Place cloth material around the bottom of the door to prevent smoke from entering.
  2. Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  3. Do not break glass unless necessary. Outside smoke may enter.
  4. Signal from a window if possible.

If caught in smoke

  1. Drop to your hands and knees, and crawl.
  2. Hold your breath as long as possible.
  3. Breathe shallowly through your nose and use clothing as a filter

If forced to advance through flames

  1. Hold your breath.
  2. Move quickly.
  3. Cover your head and hair.
  4. Lower your head and close your eyes often.