Hazardous Material Incident | Webster University

Hazardous Material Incident

Millions of tons of hazardous materials are transported by rail and/or motor vehicle that come in close contact with Webster University. There are even small amounts of hazardous materials on the Webster University grounds.

A Hazardous Materials Incident may be a spill or a release of chemicals, radioactive materials or biological materials inside a building or to the environment. Most of the time, a small spill can be managed by the user. Major spills or emergencies require assistance from outside agencies that are trained and capable of handling the spill.

These are known as Haz-Mat Teams.

Chemicals & Solvents

For accidents posing an immediate fire hazard or requiring medical attention:

  1. Call Public Safety immediately.
  2. Evacuate the area.
  3. Assist others with first aid and evacuation.

If the spill does not pose immediate danger

  1. Isolate the spill.
  2. Evacuate the scene.
  3. Limit access.
  4. Notify the area supervisor and Public Safety.

For life threatening exposure to hazardous materials

  1. Call Public Safety immediately.
  2. Perform rescues and emergency first aid.
  3. Keep all persons as far away from the accident scene as possible.
  4. Avoid contamination.
  5. Keep all persons isolated until they can be examined.