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Student Government Association Media Policy

SGA Media Communications

It is not the intention of this policy to curb freedom of speech or to enforce strict rules and regulations. Rather, the intention is to establish a framework for achieving an effective working relationship with the media. The Student Government Association welcomes the opportunity to talk to the media and, through them, to debate issues in the public arena.

Inquiries from the media are valued and we shall endeavor to respond to them in a timely manner. The Director of Communications will serve as the official spokesperson for the Student Government Association and will communicate the official view on any issues presented to us for comment.

All media inquiries should first be directed to the Director of Communications, Adrian Barnello. The Director of Communications may refer members of the media to other SGA representatives if they are issue experts or directly involved in the situation at hand. The Student Government Association and the Director of Communications reserve the right to decline comment on any particular issue at their purview.

It is the policy of the Student Government Association to respond to news media questions/inquiries effectively, accurately and on a timely basis to help promote public understanding of SGA services, activities and issues. Effective communications with the news media shall be accomplished both responsively and pro-actively.

314.961.2660, ext. 7666