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Campus Ministry

Spiritual Wellness

Wellness is an evolving and changing process in which we participate in the development and integration of all aspects of our physical, social, spiritual, emotional, occupational and intellectual well-being.

A person with spiritual wellness is one who  strives for a sense of satisfaction and confidence with personal spiritual beliefs, experiences a maturing sense of inner peace and security, has a growing set of beliefs that help support mental and emotional strength, draws on inner strength during  good times and bad, periodically chooses to rethink values and apply them to life, and cares about the welfare of humanity and acts upon that concern.


Campus Ministry offers a variety of spiritual wellness services to students from all denominations and traditions.

Fellowships are also organized for students who desire to participate in social, as well as spiritual activities.


Campus Ministry is located at 540 Garden Ave. (near the bookstore).


Campus ministers can be reached at the numbers listed or through e-mail.