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Disability Services


Webster University is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity regarding the treatment of students, faculty and staff.  The University considers employment, admissions, financial aid, programs, and activity applications without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, creed, age, ethnic or national origin, or disability.

Special Services

Webster is committed to providing admitted students with the services they need in order to:

  • Have access to information and the opportunity to benefit from University programs equal to that enjoyed by students without disabilities; and,
  • Function in the University's educational mainstream.

Webster does not offer a bridge program or maintain separate classes for students with disabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Webster University's special services, students must:

  • be enrolled at Webster University; and,
  • have a documented disability.

Available Services

Webster has charged the Reeg Academic Resource Center (Reeg ARC) assistant director/ADA Coordinator with providing or helping enrolled students with disabilities obtain the services needed to meet the equal access and opportunity goals set forth above.

These may include:

  • modifications, substitution, or waivers of nonessential program requirements;
  • classroom and testing accommodations; and,
  • auxiliary aids, such as sign interpreters, note takers, and taped books.

Webster does not provide the extensive medical and psychological testing needed to document a disabling condition. On receipt of enrolled student request or faculty referral, however, the Reeg ARC assistant director/ADA Coordinator screens students for disabling conditions.

When appropriate, students are given names of several agencies and persons who perform the in-depth assessment required for the diagnosis and formal documentation of a disability.

Procedures for Obtaining Special Services

Institutional Notification

Webster accompanies its admissions notices with a letter asking students to contact the Reeg Academic Resource Center (40 Loretto Hall, 314-968-7495; TDD 314-963-6034) if they have a disabling condition that may necessitate special services.

Student Request and Documentation

To be eligible for a special services evaluation, students must file a request with the Reeg ARC assistant director/ADA Coordinator and provide documentation of their disabling condition(s).

Eligibility Evaluation

Decisions regarding student eligibility for program modifications are reached through student–academic advisor–Reeg ARC assistant director/ADA Coordinator–department chair consultation. Decisions about student needs for classroom modifications and auxiliary aids are reached through joint student–Reeg ARC assistant director/ADA Coordinator assessment of program requirements, student classroom performance, and student documentation data.

Faculty Notification

When so directed by the student, the Reeg ARC sends notification forms to the student's academic advisor and instructors. These forms describe the student's strengths and weaknesses and list the special services that may be needed to afford the student equal access to information and equal opportunity for success.

Effectiveness Evaluation

Throughout a disabled student's career at Webster, the student and his or her academic advisor and instructors evaluate the effectiveness of the special services provided to the student. Ineffective and outgrown accommodations and auxiliary aids are replaced or dropped.