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Fire Safety

All occupants must immediately evacuate a building when an alarm sounds. Use only stairwells when evacuating the buildings during a fire alarm or other emergency. Misuse of the fire alarm and protection equipment (which includes fire alarms and fire extinguishers) constitutes a serious threat to the safety of the occupants of a building and is prohibited.

Any activity involving tampering with fire alarms or firefighting equipment, unauthorized use of such equipment, failure to evacuate during a fire alarm, hindering the evacuation of other occupants, or hindering authorized emergency personnel is prohibited. Severe disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from Webster University, may be imposed for violation of fire safety standards. Additionally, criminal prosecution is possible for pulling false fire alarms and for damage or injury resulting from the unauthorized use of firefighting equipment.

Criminal prosecution may subject the violator to fines, imprisonment, or both. Civil action to recover the costs associated with damage resulting from the unauthorized use of firefighting equipment may also be initiated.

Updated: 9/8/02