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Returning to Campus After a Hospitalization

The growth and development of students at Webster University is central to our goal of maintaining an environment conducive to student learning, academic achievement, individual responsibility, and respect for the rights and privileges of others. One aspect of this mission includes the availability of Counseling, Health Services, educational programs, and policies to foster health and safety.

Addressing Health and Safety and Emergencies
At times, emergency situations may occur that require immediate response and continuing support. Emergency situations may include:

· Destructive or other inappropriate behavior
· Drug and alcohol abuse
· Eating disorders
· Suicidal ideation or action
· Any behavior that points to possible imminent danger, foreseeable danger to oneself, or another member of the University community

In these emergency situations, the University may take actions in order to assess the situation and better support a student experiencing an emergency:

i. Consult with and refer the student to a mental and/or healthcare facility or provider (the University's Office of Counseling and Life Development, Health Services, an area hospital, or licensed mental health or healthcare professional).
ii. Refer the student to the University student conduct process - if the student's behavior has violated any rules, policies, or procedures.
iii. Contact Public Safety and/or law enforcement to respond to situations, which threaten the health and safety of the student in crisis and/or the campus community.
iv. Contact emergency medical services to respond to physical or mental health emergencies
In some cases, these situations will result in a hospitalization, or the student leaving campus for a period of time. After the emergency situation is resolved, the Dean of Students Office, Health Services, Counseling, and other campus resources are available to assist with the student's transition back into the University community.

Involving Essential Parties
Webster University reserves the right to notify the parents of the student and appropriate University Officials who have a need to be informed of the emergency in order to better support the student.

Returning to Campus
Prior to returning to campus, the student is strongly encouraged to meet with the Dean of Students, Director of Housing & Residential Life, or their designee to ensure that the student's transition back to campus proceeds smoothly. This is an important meeting during which the student will discuss the resources available on campus to support members of the University community and learn helpful information, including names and contact information for Residential Life Staff Members and other key administrators. The student may also receive referrals to resources on campus, including:

· Student Health Services
· Academic Advising
· Student Counseling
· Reeg Academic Resource Center
· Public Safety
· Title IX Office
· Etc.

Modified July 2020