Parking Policy and Procedures | Webster University

Parking Policy and Procedures

Motor Vehicle Parking Regulations

Parking permits are required on all Webster University parking lots and the Garden Park Plaza garage.

All motor vehicle parking regulations are in effect 24 hours every day, seven days a week including periods when classes are not in session.


All parking and permit information is contained on the Department of Public Safety's parking webpage.



Emergency Parking Situations

In the event of vehicular breakdowns, call The Department of Public Safety at 314-968-7430 and report the vehicle. Make sure to give the description, license plate number, lot location and time frame for repair/removal of the vehicle.

Non Emergency: If you need to contact The Department of Public Safety you can call 314-968-7430 from off campus or x7430 on campus.


  1. If you have a medical emergency please contact the Department of Public Safety at 6911. Our officers are First Aid, CPR and AED trained.
  2. For all non medical emergencies please contact the Department of Public Safety at 968-7430 from off campus or x7430 on campus; or if an emergency x6911.
  3. The Garden Park Plaza has been equipped with emergency phones on every level. The phones are located by the southeast stairwell and the northwest stairwell by the elevator. These phones are hands free. There is a button that you will push which will ring the emergency line in the dispatch center.
  4. There are also emergency phones located throughout the campus. We have phones in every parking lot and by the Webster Village Apartments. You can find these phones by the flashing blue light.
  5. All of our elevators are equipped with an emergency call button. This button also will ring the emergency line at the dispatch center.



Don't know where to park? Call 314-246-8021 and speak to the Department of Public Safety parking division.

Public Safety
572 Garden Avenue
(314) 968-7430

Emergency Phone Numbers  
On Campus  
Webster University Public Safety 6911
Health Services 6922 Or 6911
Off Campus  
Police/Fire 911
Ambulance 911
General Information Line  
Webster Groves Police 314-963-5400
Motorist Assist  
Missouri Highway Patrol  
General 314-340-4000
Emergency 800-525-5555
Illinois Highway Patrol  
General 618-346-3990
Emergency 618-346-3830
Highway Conditions  
Missouri 800-222-6400
Illinois 800-452-4368

Call 314-968-7430


  • Accident Investigations
  • Safety Escorts
  • Unlocking Of Vehicles
  • Theft Reports
  • Report Suspicious Activity Or Persons On Campus
  • Special Events Support: Dances, Athletic Events, Etc.