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Research on Human Subjects

Conducting research is a scholarly activity which is valued by Webster University. Those who engage in research or supervise research projects must ensure that their subjects' participation in the project is voluntary and that the benefits for participation outweigh the risks.

Researchers doing data collection such as surveys, interviews, or experimental work must protect their subjects and Webster University by obtaining approval for research projects from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The purpose of this committee is to protect students involved in research against injury and to protect the University from exposure to liability due to action of its members. The committee acts to ensure that the right of privacy of all subjects is maintained and that all subjects participate freely with clear understanding of the risks involved.

Any Webster University faculty, staff, or student planning a research project involving the use of individuals as research subjects must obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board. Researchers who are not members of the Webster University community but who wish to conduct research involving members of the Webster University community as human subjects must also gain such approval. For additional information, contact:

Barbara Wehling, PhD, Chair of the Institutional Review Board, at 314-968-7179 or by e-mail

Update: 8/5/10