Code of Conduct | Webster University

Student Ambassador Code of Conduct

The Webster University Student Ambassadors serve as the official student representatives for Webster University’s President’s Office. The Student Ambassadors work with collegiate and administrative offices to greet and converse with constituents, government officials, donors, and other dignitaries during University sponsored educational and social events. This program showcases the quality and diversity of the student body, promotes pride, and communicates understanding of the university.

The Student Ambassador Program will not be restricted on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

Individuals who apply will be expected to adhere to the following requirements.

  1. Each applicant must be a full time Webster University undergraduate student in good standing with a 3.3 GPA or a graduate student enrolled in at least 1 class per each fall and spring term, in good standing with a minimum of a 3.3 GPA. For purposes of this program, good standing is defined as not being on academic or social probation.
  2. Each applicant must have been a registered Webster University student the previous fall and spring semesters.

Application/Interview Process

  1. Applications, for the next academic year, are to be submitted to the Program Director no later than the last day of Spring 1 classes (Friday before Spring Break.)
  2. Applicants will be asked to participate in a one-on-one interview with the Program Director as well as a group interview process with active Student Ambassadors, if applicable.
  3. Applicants will be selected by the Program Director.
  4. Applicants shall be notified of acceptance or denial in written or electronic form.
  5. The Program Director may appoint any qualified student to the Ambassadors to fill an empty position or the increase number of members as they see fit. 

Student Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Meeting attendance shall be required of all Ambassadors. Exceptions will be made with the approval of the Program Director only.
  2. There shall be a point system for the evaluation of all active Ambassadors. The Program Director will determine the minimum point requirement per semester/year.
    1. Points will be given for participation in activities and meeting attendance.
    2. Point notification will be posted throughout each semester to make Ambassadors aware of their current standing.
  3. Those ambassadors who do not accumulate the required amount of points will be subject to possible dismissal from Student Ambassadors at the review of the Program Director. If an Ambassador does not meet the required number of points for the academic year they will receive a letter terminating their position.
  4. All Ambassadors will act in a responsible manner at all times when representing the University.
  5. In the event that alcohol is present at a University event that Student Ambassadors are volunteering, there will be no consumption of alcohol regardless of age.

Terms of Participation

  1. Participation as an Ambassador lasts until a student graduates from Webster University or the Ambassador is removed by the Program Director due to the Ambassador not fulfilling their responsibilities as laid out above.
  2. If an Ambassador chooses to leave the organization, he/she/they must write a letter of resignation to the Program Director.
  3. A temporary leave of absence shall be granted by the Program Director for a term of one semester for medical leave or to study abroad.

Removal of Ambassadors

  1. Ambassadors may be removed for the following reasons:
    1. The Ambassador resigns from their position.
    2. The Ambassador fails to maintain a 3.3 GPA or is placed on social probation.
    3. The Ambassador fails to abide by the above stated responsibilities.
    4. The Ambassador fails to accumulate the number of points predetermined by the Program Director.
  2. An Ambassador shall be dismissed when he/she brings discredit to him/herself and/or the Student Ambassadors. The Program Director can only remove members.