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Study Abroad Academics

One of the most important things to consider when planning to study abroad is how the experience will fit with your academic plan. The resources on this page will help you to move forward with planning your study abroad experience in a way that will fit with your academic needs.

Course Guides
Course Discipline Chart
Degree Programs Offered in Full at International Campuses
Information for International Partner and Exchange Programs
Major Sequencing Guides with Study Abroad
Specialized Programs Abroad
WINS Transcripts

Course Guides

The course guides linked below give you a snapshot of all of the courses offered at each campus for the given term. If you have specific academic needs you’re looking to fulfill while abroad, these guides are a fantastic starting point to seeing what your best course options are at each campus.

Summer 2020 Undergraduate and Graduate
Spring 2020 Undergraduate

Spring 2020 Graduate

Summer 2019 
Fall 2019 

Course Discipline Chart 

The course discipline chart is a resource to aid students and their advisors in identifying where different academic discipline/majors are offered on Webster study abroad programs. The chart is representative of courses that have been offered in the past couple of years and it meant to be used as a general guide.

Major Sequencing Guides with Study Abroad

Linked below are course sequencing guides that will show you when your department would ideally like you to set aside time to study abroad, based upon your major. Please note that these are guides only, and may not take your personal or unique academic needs into account. You should still meet with both your Academic Advisor and Study Abroad Advisor to plan your experience abroad.

College of Arts & Sciences

Biological Sciences
Computational Biological Science
Exercise Science
General Studies
General Studies (2-yr transfer)

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts


George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology

Computer Science
Computer Science: Cybersecurity
International Business
Management: Human Resources

School of Communication

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Advertising and Marketing Communications (2-yr transfer)
Audio Production
Audio Production (2-yr transfer)
Film, Television, and Video Production
Film Studies
Games and Game Design
Games and Game Design (2-yr transfer)
Interactive Digital Media
Interactive Digital Media (2-yr transfer)
Media Communications
Media Communications (2-yr transfer)
Professional Writing
Public Relations
Scriptwriting (2-yr transfer)
Speech Communication Studies
Sports Communications

More guides will be posted on this page as they are developed and published by their respective departments, so keep checking if you don’t see your major right now. Be sure to meet with your Academic Advisor and Study Abroad Advisor no matter your major or year – we can almost always find a way for you to go abroad while still making progress towards your degree!

Degree Programs Offered in Full at International Campuses

Although you can always take your GCP courses and electives abroad, some majors are offered in full at different global Webster campuses. If you have a major listed on one of the charts below, it is very likely that your major core and/or elective courses will be offered at the matching campus. If your major is not listed, please don’t fret – you can still take your GCP and electives abroad, and oftentimes core courses for some majors offered in full can serve as major elective courses for you! For example, FTVP is not a major offered abroad in full, but several Media Communications courses that FTVP majors may need are regularly offered abroad.


Campus Location Athens Geneva Vienna Leiden Cha-am Accra
Business Administration  
Computer Science      
International Relations
International Relations: Migration and Refugee Studies          
Management: Human Resources        
Management: International Business      
Management: Marketing    
Media Studies •*  
 *Vienna offers a Strategic Communications major instead of Media Studies


Campus Location Athens Geneva Vienna Leiden Bangkok Accra
Business Administration (MBA) • 
Counseling (MA)        
Counseling Psychology (MA)    •  •    
Cybersecurity (MS)          
Finance (MS)          
International Human Rights (MA)        •    
International Nongovernmental Organizations (MA)          
International Relations (MA)  •  • •   •  •
Management and Leadership (MA)    •      
Marketing (MS)          
Teaching English as a Second Language (MA)        •  


Specialized Programs Abroad

The following study abroad programs are for specific majors and are only offered at specific terms or years:

The Vienna Music Experience

This program is for upper-level music majors and is offered every Spring 2 term in Vienna, Austria. The course MUSC 4705: Vienna Music Experience is only offered this term and is included in every performance major’s 4-year academic plan. Students will also take Applied Music Lessons from industry professionals as well as an additional GCP course.

Global Art in Vienna

The Summer Global Art Institute is a 5-week, 6-credit program that travels to Vienna every summer and is led by our Art faculty in St. Louis. Students will travel to galleries, listen to lectures from international guest speakers, tour museums, and complete studio work all while having a guided tour of one of the most incredible cities in the world.

Summer Dance

Dance students have unique options to study and train across the globe in either Thailand or Geneva, depending on the year. Every even-numbered year, students can travel to Geneva, Switzerland, while every odd-numbered year, they can travel to Thailand. The topics and emphasis for their courses vary heavily depending on which location students go. In addition to their international dance courses, students are encouraged to also take a GCP while abroad as well.

Biology in Ecuador

Biology students have the opportunity to spend their Spring Break learning the Biology of Animals and/or taking their Evolution Lab in the Galapagos Islands! Classes are held during the spring semester, and the class travels to the Galapagos over Spring Break and reports on their research and findings during the remainder of the semester. The Biology of Animals class also counts to meet students’ Physical & Natural World (PNW) GCP knowledge requirement, so non-biology majors can participate in the course as well!

Information for International Partner and Exchange Programs


Webster's International Partners offer a variety of courses in a wide array of academic disciplines. Webster University students who study abroad at an international partner or exchange locations will receive academic credit at Webster University for all courses. Depending on the type of program and the student’s major, specific course equivalencies may vary and are subject to review by individual departments.

Course Evaluation

Although Webster students are welcome to take any course at an international partner or exchange location, several courses have already been evaluated for equivalency here at Webster. Check the program page for the location you’re interested in for specific course information, and be sure to meet with your Study Abroad Advisor to discuss specific academic needs.

The Office of Study Abroad has created a Course Evaluation Form for courses you’d like to take at an international partner that don’t already have an equivalency. This form is for evaluating courses for specific major or minor core requirements only. For GCP evaluations, you should speak with your Study Abroad Advisor.


Registration for courses at international partner locations takes place as part of the direct application process or onsite during orientation, depending on the partner and program. Academic Advisors here at Webster cannot register a student for courses at the partner institution.While abroad, students at international partner locations are placed in a Study Abroad placeholder course (STAB 1000), which indicates to Webster faculty and staff that the student is still a full-time student with Webster. Actual course information from the international partner won’t be placed on the student’s Webster record until transcripts are received from the partner at the end of their term abroad.Depending on the individual student’s major, the credits from an international partner or exchange will apply differently at Webster University. It is important that students maintain contact with their home-campus advisor regarding this.

Credit Transfer

Credits earned for a course at an international partner or exchange location may transfer as a different amount when translated to US credits. For example, a student studying abroad in the UK for a semester will take 60 UK credits, which is equal to 15 US credits. The Office of Study Abroad works with students and their academic departments in order to help them understand exactly how credit transfer and course evaluation works for classes taken at international partner campus locations.

WINS Transcripts

Transcripts sent to WINS or visiting students’ institutions will be from Webster University. Transcripts are released once grades are finalized and only if the student’s financial account with Webster has a zero balance.