Term Limit for Study Abroad Students | Webster University

Term Limit for Study Abroad Students

Five-Term Study Abroad Rule for Undergraduate Students

Degree-seeking undergraduates at Webster University in the United States who meet the approval criteria for study abroad will pay St. Louis campus tuition rates while studying at Webster's international campuses: per credit tuition during the summer term and flat-fee tuition if attending fall and/or spring term(s). This special tuition option is limited to study abroad for a maximum of five eight-week terms (full academic year).

Students who plan to study at Webster's international campuses for more than five eight-week terms must notify the director of Webster University's Office of Study Abroad to discuss the changes that will occur in their tuition charges and scholarship and financial aid eligibility beginning with their sixth term of study.

For more information, please visit: https://www.webster.edu/catalog/current/undergraduate-catalog/special-study-opportunities.html

Two-Term Study Abroad Rule for Graduate Students

Any Webster graduate student who wishes to study abroad may spend up to two consecutive terms taking courses at one or more additional Webster campuses while still maintaining their home campus classification. After a graduate student has been away from his/her home campus for two (2) consecutive terms, their host campus (the campus that they are studying at) becomes their home campus.