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Non-Affiliated International Programs

Occasionally, students may have particular academic objectives that cannot be met by the existing Webster University and affiliated programs and seek to study abroad with institutions or programs that they have identified themselves.  The University has a process that acknowledges legitimate requests for unique study abroad experiences. Most Webster University students can find appropriate academic offerings with existing University and study abroad affiliates. Applications to unaffiliated programs will only be approved in rare and exceptional circumstances.

Students who wish to study at a non-affiliated program will need to first meet with the Director of Study Abroad. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

This policy covers the guidelines concerning the process for approving or disapproving requests by students to study abroad at programs not affiliated with Webster University.

Any student wishing to study abroad on a non-Webster program must submit the following forms, program documentation, and processing fee to the Office of Study Abroad for program approval:

International Off-campus Study Request Form: The student must seek academic approval for transfer of credits by completing the International Off-campus Study Request Form - Registrar (available from the Office of Study Abroad). This form must be taken to the academic department that will award credit for the study abroad program, i.e. Italian language credit—International Languages and Cultures; to the Office of Study Abroad and to the Office of the Registrar.

Non-Webster Program Information: The student must provide extensive information on the desired study abroad program, including brochures, view books, catalogs, etc. The materials should contain information on how the program is run, what institution sponsors the program, and specific details of the program's in-country activities.

International Off-Campus Study Petition: Request to take international courses/examinations (not at Webster) toward degree at Webster University. 

Processing Fee: A processing fee of $125 is required of all study abroad students. The fee must accompany this form. The fee is not refundable.

Other considerations: It is the responsibility of the student to discuss with his/her designated financial aid officer the terms and/or conditions of awarding financial aid to non-Webster study abroad programs. The Webster World Traveler Program is not applicable for non-Webster programs.