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While You Are Abroad


Culture Shock

After you've completed your paperwork and attended your pre-departure orientation, you are ready for your journey! The Office of Study Abroad is a resource for helping you understand what to do and what types of things you can expect at our international campuses. One of the things to expect, once you arrive, is that you will be… shocked!

Culture shock is a real phenomenon. It is “the state of being overwhelmed by the differences in customs and behavior in a foreign place.” As you experience many unique opportunities and challenges, you will most likely pass through the four stages of culture shock.

Listed below are some helpful links:

Hailey, Stu and David offer advice on how to best get familiar with new surroundings in Cha-am, Thailand.


On-site Orientation

Once overseas, all students take part in an on-site orientation program. Among other things, students are introduced to their local surroundings and given thorough information on how to contact a Webster staff member in the event of an emergency. Health and safety issues are discussed throughout the program.