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Summer Study in Guadalajara

Autonomous University of Guadalajara

The Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) summer session is a two-month intensive program in Guadalajara, Mexico. UAG is a Webster University exchange partner institution and the two universities have a long-standing relationship.

Students will earn six credits of Spanish language coursework at UAG. Ten levels of Spanish are offered, from beginner to advanced. Prior to departure for Mexico, a language test is administered in order to place students into the appropriate levels of Spanish. In addition to the language tracks, courses focused on Mexican culture are available. Students who test into Level 5 of Spanish or higher can take regular content courses in UAG academic departments.

Courses at UAG can count for Spanish Major and Minor credit as well as GCP. Be sure to speak with your Study Abroad Advisor for additional details on the course evaluation process.

For more information on UAG, visit their web site.

Program Cost

Program Dates

Webster students attend the May/June Session and the July Session for an overall experience of 2 months.

Date Program
May 28, 2020 May/June Session Begins
July 31, 2020 July Session Ends

Note: The dates above are tentative.

Application Deadline

February 28, 2020

Students will complete a Webster study abroad application through Terra Dotta and then will be provided with the UAG program and home stay application. To start an application, click here.


 Courtyard of Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG)

For more information on the Guadalajara Program, please click here.