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University Center Board

The University Center Board (UCB) assists the University Center staff in providing for the services, conveniences and amenities the members of the University family needs on the campus, and in promoting community through informal association outside the classroom. In all its processes, the UCB encourages self-directed activity, giving maximum opportunity for self realization and for growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness. Its goal is the development of persons as well as intellects.

President: TBA

Advisor: Director of University Center: Katie Knetzer (mccombka@webster.edu)


  1. Serve the University Center and the University community through the enactment of UCB policies consistent with the mission of Webster University, the University Center, and the philosophy and purpose expressed in the "Role of the College Union," the official statement of purpose of the Association of College Unions--International, adopted at the general conference of the Association in April, 1956, reaffirmed in 1964, 1986.
  2. Offer guidance in the organization and administration of facility policies and services in the University Center for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University.
  3. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of the University Center with respect to general University Center services and policies. Decisions of the UCB are subject to the authority of the Dean of Student Affairs and the University Administration.
  4. Perform special projects and research functions.


The UCB shall consist of a student President in addition to the following members, who will serve as advocates for their respective constituencies:

Student Members

  • Student Government Association
  • Residential Housing Association
  • Student Building Manager staff
  • Fitness Center Attendant
  • Pool Staff
  • Campus Activities Staff
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Graduate Student
  • Commuter Student
  • International Student

Faculty and Staff Members

  • Director of the University Center and Student Activities
  • Director of Athletics
  • Coordinator of Athletics
  • Webster Staff Alliance Representative
  • Student Organization Advisor Faculty
  • At-large Faculty Representative
  • Alumni/Development Representative
  • Dining Services Staff

Voting Members

Voting members shall include the entire UCB membership, excluding the Director of the University Center. The student President will vote only in case of a tied vote. Voting members could relinquish their voting privileges after two unexcused absences per semester.

Officers and Elections

The UCB shall be governed by a student President, elected by the UCB each spring. The President shall conduct all UCB and Executive Committee meetings. The University Center office shall be responsible for maintaining the records of the Board. The nomination and election of the student President shall take place at the beginning of the second to last UCB meeting of the spring semester. The term of office shall be for one calendar year and shall begin on the first day of the summer term. The President shall be a student elected by a majority of votes from the entire membership.


Quorum shall consist of nine voting members, five of whom are students.

Internal Committees

The Executive Committee shall consist of the student President, the Director of the University Center, and two at-large members (one student, one faculty/staff) elected by the Board. This committee's function shall be to convene and act on behalf of the UCB in an emergency situation. Ad hoc committees shall be appointed by the student President in the case of special projects or issues needing focused attention.


This document may be amended by a 2/3 vote of voting members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Amended Fall 2000
Amended Spring 2002
Amended Spring 2005
Amended Spring 2008