Student Organization/Campus Department Reservations | Webster University

Student Organization/Campus Department Reservations

The University Center offers several spaces for meetings and events. Please determine which space is best for your organization and make a reservation. Prior to placing a reservation with the University Center, you are required to read the rental contract listed below:

Student Organizations and Campus Departments Contract

Virtual Calendar and Reservation Requests

For your convenience, we offer a virtual calendar by which you can check University Center room availability and request reservations. In order to submit a request through the virtual calendar, you will need a virtualems username and password. For those representing Webster University campus departments and student organizations, you can request a personal login by e-mailing with your name, email address, phone number, and student organization/campus department. Once you are using the virtual calendar for your reservation requests, you have the ability to request changes to times, resources, set-ups or cancellations by logging in with your unique name and password. For questions, please contact the Information Desk at (314) 246-7105.  Click the link below to access this virtual calendar site:


Instructions for Requesting a Room on the Virtual Calendar
How-To Guide for Requesting Rooms using the Virtual EMS Calendar

Online Request Form
In the past, University Center reservation requests were accepted through an online form.  If you prefer not to set up a Virtual EMS account and would like to use this form instead, this form is available here: Student Organization and Campus Department Reservation Request Form.