Student Organization and Campus Department Use of University Center Facilities | Webster University
Student Organization and Campus Department Use of University Center Facilities | Webster University


Submitting a room reservation for the University Center facilities indicates acknowledgment of your agreeing to the below information, and that you will abide by all University regulations, including those stated below. This indicates that the contact person/applicant assumes full responsibility for the event. Agreement to these policy statements and submission of a reservation request form DOES NOT confirm your reservation in the University Center. Reservations are valid once a confirmation statement is received via e-mail from the University Center.

1. GENERAL USAGE: Usage of rooms in the University Center is restricted to campus departments, registered student organizations, or private parties paying a rental fee. Charges for room usage will be based on the University Center's Co-Sponsorship policy:

  • University Event: An event sponsored and hosted by a campus department, school, college, or student organization serving the mission of Webster University. The event provides broad benefit to the department, student organization, or University as a whole. Such an event could be open to the public, or limited to the Webster community. Faculty or staff members or student organization officers are the primary coordinators of the event and are present during the event, including set-up and break-down. University Events are at no charge to the hosting party.
  • Co-Sponsored Event: An event co-sponsored and co-hosted by a campus department, school, college, or student organization in conjunction with an outside organization related to the mission of Webster University. Such an event could be open to everyone or limited to a particular audience. A Webster staff member or student organization officer must be involved in the planning of the event and present during the event. Webster Co-sponsored events are charged 50% of the regular rental cost.
  • Rental: All other events would fall under the category of a rental and will be charged the appropriate rental fees. This includes non-Webster organizations or individuals wishing to rent space in the University Center. Current Webster University students, faculty, and staff wishing to have a private event in the University Center would also pay the rental fees. More information about rentals is available here:

2. EVENT CONTINGENCY: We shall not be liable for failure to perform our obligations hereunder if such failure is as a result of an Act of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, snow, or other natural event), hostilities, labor dispute, strike, lockout, or interruption or failure of electricity, data connection, telephone service, or any other event that results in the closing of Webster University facilities. In such event, we will work with you in good faith to reschedule your event. In no case shall we be liable to you for any additional costs or damages suffered by you arising out of a rescheduling or cancellation of the event in excess of the amounts we received from you.

3. CANCELLATIONS: For reservations requiring additional building hours or specialized requests, groups will forfeit any related payments for cancellations occurring within 7 days of the scheduled event.The Director of the University Center or their designee reserves the right to cancel this reservation if it conflicts in any way with the policies or regulations of the University regarding meetings on the campus or if it violates any federal, state, or local law. The right is reserved to change this reservation to other areas on campus with the understanding that, if possible, comparable facilities will be provided when a change is necessary. All local, state, and federal laws will be strictly observed (i.e. state fire and liquor ordinances).

4. CHARGES: Organizations shall pay all usual and customary charges established by the University Center per requirements in the Co-Sponsorship Policy and of equipment and services related thereto. ALL groups will be assessed charges for extra services including but not limited to additional building hours, staffing, housekeeping, floor cover placement and removal, and will be assessed charges for additional maintenance expenses brought about by the use of the facilities. The University Center reserves the right to require advance payment of all or any portion of any relevant charges.

5. STORAGE: Because of high demand for space, all groups are required to schedule timed delivery and pickup from external vendors to occur within reserved times. The University Center must approve all delivery and pickup times, prior to arrangements being confirmed with the vendor. The University Center cannot guarantee the safety of any items left unsecured.

6. UNIVERSITY POLICIES: All Webster University policies and regulations must be observed. Violation will subject the applicant to University student conduct processes or other recourse from the University, and risk the immediate closing of the event.

7. ROOM POLICIES: Specific requirements for room usage include but are not limited to the following:


  • Priority use of this space is given to the Athletics Department of Webster University. Groups wishing to use the space during the fall semester may make requests after August 1 of the given year, and after December 1 for spring semester requests.
  • Non-athletic events being held in this space require the use of the vinyl floor covering. In order for the floor cover to be utilized, events must have a guarantee of at least 100 guests in attendance. There is a floor cover fee charged to campus departments and student organizations to cover staffing costs for its placement and pick-up.
  • Groups hosting events in the Grant Gymnasium are required to submit a work order to have additional trash cans & recycling bins delivered to the space for the duration of the program and removed at the end of the event.
  • The University Center does not provide furniture for use in the Grant Gymnasium. Groups hosting events will be required to rent furniture from an outside vendor, delivery and pickup of which must be coordinated within the confirmed rental times.
  • The University Center can provide up to two microphones for use in the Grant Gymnasium. AV needs greater than what can be provided by the University Center will be required to be rented from an outside vendor, setup of which must be coordinated within the confirmed rental times.
  • Groups hosting events in the Grant Gymnasium that are atypical may be required to meet with the Director of the University Center to approve details of the program.


  • The Commons rental area is limited to the space between the restrooms and the staircase to the Lower Level.
  • When using the Commons as a programming space, all other Upper Level rooms (Sunnen Lounge, University Center Conference Room, and Presentation Room) must be reserved as part of the same event at the same time; one of these rooms must be used for furniture storage when the Commons setup is atypical.
  • Programs in this space may be required to complete and file a party permit with the Director of the University Center.
  • Per Webster Groves fire code, one side of the stairwell must be entirely unobstructed at all times.


  • Use of the Quad is limited to Campus Departments and Student Organizations. The Quad is not available for private rentals by internal or external groups.
  • Groups hosting events on the Quad are required to submit a work order to have additional trash cans & recycling bins delivered to the space for the duration of the program and removed at the end of the event.
  • The University Center does not provide furniture or AV equipment for use on the Quad or anywhere outside the building. Any deliveries of furniture or other equipment should arrive within the confirmed reservation time.


  • In the interest of personal safety of guests of the University, students, faculty, and staff, all reservations are approved on the assumption that the facility will not be used in excess of the normal seating capacity and will be used as it is normally equipped. It is further agreed that the posted safety and fire prevention regulations will be followed.


  • In accordance with University policy, the campus is designated as a tobacco-free and smoke-free campus.


  • The Director of the University Center must approve any changes in the facility. Such changes may include but are not limited to the removing, moving or addition of equipment and decorations. Requests for such changes will be honored only with PRIOR notice to the Director of the University Center, and with the stipulation that the organization will assume the necessary cost. The University at the expense of the organization will correct any unauthorized adjustments within the facility.


  • All combustible decorative material including curtains, scenery, and acoustical material (with the exception of the floor covering) will be flame retardant. No decorations may be adhered to any painted or wallpapered surfaces. Candles may be used provided that they are used floating in water but are still subject to approval by the Director of the University Center. Helium balloons must be attached to weights and not tied to furniture; there is a $5.00 per balloon charge for stranded balloons. Glitter is absolutely not allowed in any decorations or signage in the University Center.


  • The organization, its officers, and any individual applying to reserve space are responsible for the condition of the facilities and the use to which they are put during the time reserved. The organization and such persons shall be responsible for all damages or misappropriation by any guests, invitees or attendees. The organization shall reimburse the University for any such damage or loss. No organization other than the reserving organization may use the facilities reserved. Excess housekeeping charges will be forwarded to the reserving group; charges are incurred at the discretion of the Director of Custodial Services.


  • All aisles leading to exit doors must be kept clear and unobstructed. During the period of use, no required exit door may be fastened so that the door cannot be opened readily from the inside. Required exits serving the room shall be adequately lighted when the room is occupied.


  • All printed material, whether directional or informational, must be approved and posted in approved locations. Directional signs may be placed on exterior doors one hour before the event only and removed immediately following the program.


  • Events may utilize Webster University Dining Services (Sodexo — 314-246-7775), or another licensed caterer. Self-catering is also permitted; however, service of alcoholic beverages is only permitted with a licensed caterer/bartender. Approval of alcoholic beverages must be granted by the Director of the University Center PRIOR to event; groups failing to follow this policy will lose rental privileges in the Webster University Center. Student organizations should consult with the Director of the University Center regarding food permit and party permit requirements.


  • Please instruct non-University attendees to utilize the Garden Park Plaza parking garage. Reserved parking for event VIPs and/or delivery purposes must be arranged through the Department of Public Safety at least 7 days in advance of the event.


  • Only service animals are permitted in the building.


  • University Center furniture, equipment, and AV materials are not permitted to leave the building.