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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of WWW?

Webster Works Worldwide (WWW) is Webster University's annual community service day held the first Wednesday of every October. This one-day event offers students, faculty, staff and alumni the opportunity to work together and volunteer at various non-profit organizations. It's a great way for the Webster University community to interact with each other outside of the classroom or work environment while helping someone in need. We also hope that this one day of community service will motivate volunteers to make community service a part of their lives on a regular basis.

How can I sign up to volunteer?

Volunteers can sign up online on the WWW website. The online sign-up page will be available in September. You can search for a project by agency name, project type, team leader name, or view the entire alphabetical list of available projects. Projects are listed by agency name, along with a project description and the number of volunteers needed. You can click on the project description to get more details (location, time and date of project, and other volunteers for that project). Click on the "Sign Up As Volunteer" button to register yourself as a volunteer for that particular project. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

What is a Team Leader?

Team Leaders are volunteers who serve as liaisons between individual volunteers and the agency in need. The Team Leader plays a critical role in communicating the details of the project and coordinating volunteers.

What are the responsibilities of a Team Leader?

Responsibilities of the Team Leader include verification of details with the agency (time, location, number of volunteers needed, expectations), contacting volunteers on their team to make sure they know all of the details, arrange for transportation for volunteers if needed, making sure volunteers sign the roster and encourage them to complete evaluations at the conclusion of WWW. Following the event, Team Leaders will report the participation of their team.

How do I sign up to be a Team Leader?

If you are interested in being a Team Leader, please view the project list available in August on the WWW website. View the project list for "Team Leader Needed" to find projects still in need of a team leader. After finding the project that is best for you, click on the project description and sign up for the project.  You will be receive a confirmation email with the next steps. 

Can I reserve a project for my group? (class, residence hall, sports team)

YES! If you wish to reserve a particular project for your group, please sign up as a Team Leader and click 'reserve this project' on the Team Leader application and enter your group name in the text box. The online project description will be updated to reflect the "Reserved" status to ensure your group gets that project. Please keep in mind the number of volunteers needed for each project so that the project you choose is compatible with the number of volunteers in your group.

After I sign up to be a volunteer, what will happen?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after signing up for a project.  Make note of the Team Leader's contact information in case you need to contact them as you get closer to the day of your project. You should receive information from your Team Leader regarding your team's meeting place and time, car pooling plans and any other details needed for the day of your project. If you have not heard from your Team Leader a week prior to WWW, please e-mail him or her directly. After WWW, feel free to complete our survey on your experience.

What happens the day of WWW?

WWW Send Off Event       

Webster Works Worldwide will kick off with an opening event planned for 8 a.m. in Grant Gym on Wednesday of WWW. Please join us for “A Send Off to Fuel your Mind, Body and Spirit” prior to the day’s activities. We will hear some inspirational words, enjoy breakfast together and distribute WWW T-shirts. Make sure you dress appropriately. After arriving at your project location, you will sign the project roster with your Team Leader. After your team meets with the on-site coordinator, you will start your volunteer work. Once the job is completed, you will indicate how many hours you worked on the roster sheet and go online to complete an evaluation on your experience. Some project locations may supply volunteers with a lunch or snack, others take a break to leave for lunch. Check with your Team Leader to see how your lunch break will be handled.

What if I have class that day and cannot participate?

Because community service should be done on a volunteer basis, Webster University cannot make professors cancel their class for WWW day. Some classes only meet once a week, therefore, time in the classroom is needed. Many professors will cancel class and allow students to participate in WWW on their own (some may ask for proof). Other classes participate as a group and make WWW a group project. If you want to volunteer for WWW, but you have class on Wednesday, please check the online project list for alternative projects that are in the evening or on the weekend. These projects may better suit your schedule. 

How do I get my free WWW T-shirt?

You will pick up your WWW T-Shirt at the WWW Send Off event in Grant Gym.  Every volunteer will receive a T-shirt. Because we have to order t-shirts well in advance, we cannot guarantee that every volunteer will receive the exact size of t-shirt requested.

How can I serve as a Team Leader to an organization/project not on the WWW project list?

If you would like to serve as the Team Leader and have a team of volunteers work on a project at a particular agency that is not on the list, please contact Webster Works Worldwide We will invite the agency to participate and have them design a project. We encourage students, faculty and staff to help introduce new organizations to WWW.

Why is WWW during the week instead of on a Saturday?

Since WWW began in 1995, Webster University's one-day community service day has been held on a Wednesday so that the maximum number of faculty, staff and students can participate. We all know that weekends tend to get filled up with personal activities, and since WWW is a university-sponsored event, it is best if it is held on a day when classes are in session. By incorporating WWW into the classroom, we hope that students will receive a service learning experience. It is also an excellent way for classmates and co-workers to get to know each other outside of their usual environment. Also, many of the organizations we help are only open during the week.

Why do we have WWW one time a year?

You may not realize it, but the planning for WWW takes place year-round. With over 2,000 volunteers and more than 200 projects worldwide, it is no small activity to organize. Because of the number of people, campuses and agencies involved, it would be too consuming to have WWW more than one time a year. By having just one community service day per year, it allows the entire Webster University community to come together and serve as volunteers at the same time, making quite an impact in local communities. We hope that this will not be the only day that our faculty, staff, students and alumni think about community service, but that WWW will act as a springboard and will motivate everyone to get more involved in helping their communities throughout the year.

How can I get involved in community service after WWW is done?

Most of the organizations that participate in WWW would love to have volunteers on a regular basis. Webster University also has a Habitat for Humanity chapter and a Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer group. To get involved with Habitat for Humanity, e-mail Merry at and for BBBS, e-mail Colette at