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Leadership Certificate

WebsterLEADS provides a self-paced, co-curricular, leadership education experience that students complete with the guidance of peers and veteran WebsterLEADS participants. Each participant's involvement culminates with receiving the Leadership Certificate, which is awarded when students complete the entire curriculum, and usually coincides with graduation.

If you're a transfer student, you likely have less than three years here...but no worries! In the same way you transfer academic credit from your previous institution and apply it toward your Webster degree, you may be able to transfer previous involvements and experiences from your previous institution and have it apply to some components of the Leadership Certificate.

Students who complete any component at a different site than while studying abroad will be eligible to have their Certificate designated with the special recognition of Leadership Certificate with Global Distinction.

Core Components:

Achieving the WebsterLEADS Leadership Certificate requires completion of the Core Components below. Please check with your campus program director(s) for a complete list of requirements for your campus.

The Core Components of the program include:

Leadership Classes:

Participants take two courses during their career at Webster: a three-credit course called The Challenge of Leadership (EDEX 2750) which introduces students to prevalent leadership thought and theory, and a 1-credit seminar-style course called Ethics and Leadership on Campus (ETHC 1000). The Program Director on each campus can tell you when these courses are offered on that campus.

Leadership Retreats:

In St. Louis, the retreat occurs in conjunction with the EDEX 2750 course. Retreats are also hosted for students on the Leiden, Geneva and Vienna campuses each year - sometimes collaboratively. These provide interactive, reflective, and learning community approaches to understanding leadership. The Program Director at each campus can tell you specific dates for retreat that will be held for your campus.

Professional Development Workshops:

These workshops are offered at key points throughout the year and will focus on career-related issues such as personal budgeting, resume writing, networking, and interviewing. Certificate participants must attend four workshops to complete this particular requirement. Program Directors will promote workshop opportunities on each campus throughout the year.

Service Learning Project:

There are two ways to complete this component:

The most common way is that students complete forty hours of service with a non-profit agency or organization that is local to the campus community - or with a group somewhere else (perhaps near home) with whom they already have an existing relationship. Students submit a proposal for their SLP that must receive approval of the Program Director at the campus where the service will take place, and will complete reflection of their experience when it is completed.

Alternatively, students can take the course Topics in Service Learning (EDUC 3300), which is offered on the St. Louis campus in the Spring II term. This three-credit course focuses on service learning and servant leadership theory and culminated with a class-coordinated, community-based project.

Practical Leadership Experience:

The Practical Leadership Experience (PLE) is a concrete application of a student's leadership knowledge and skills that enhances the campus community and directly contributes to campus student life. Students are required to complete a PLE in a position of leadership on campus, which must least a minimum of a full academic semester (exceptions made for Orientation Leaders at any campus).