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WINS Flies Five

Get on board! As a Generation Study Abroad commitment partner, Webster University is proud to announce a special award for other participating institutions. Supporting the important goal of doubling study abroad participation by the end of the decade, WINS Flies Five will fund a round-trip ticket to five students from eligible institutions.

The Webster International Network of Schools (WINS) program is launching “WINS Flies Five,” a new scholarship opportunity for universities that have joined Generation Study Abroad and the WINS program. WINS Flies Five will offset students’ travel costs and support increased student participation in study abroad. The first five students to study abroad from each institution will receive a free round-trip airfare award from their home city to the international campus of study and back.

Students must be degree-seeking at the Generation Study Abroad and WINS partner institution, and must enroll in a Webster study abroad program. General program eligibility requirements apply.

Details and Application

Webster University will provide round-trip airfare for the first five students to apply from a Generation Study Abroad commitment member that joins the Webster International Network of Schools (WINS) program.* The WINS program opens Webster University’s international campus network as study abroad destinations for U.S. colleges and universities, and provides a host of benefits including direct tuition assistance and student travel awards. In order to be eligible, the GSA partner must join WINS prior to December 31, 2018 and student travel must occur before the end of 2020. Institutional acceptance may be limited.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Institution joins Generation Study Abroad and WINS
    Generation Study Abroad application
    WINS program application
  2. Students select and apply for Webster program
  3. After acceptance, the first five students from each Generation Study Abroad/WINS partner will qualify for the award
  4. Webster University processes application and books student ticket
  5. Students of participating institutions will be eligible to receive this award until December 31, 2020.

*Current WINS partners are eligible for the award, if they are a Generation Study Abroad commitment partner or become one prior to December 31, 2018.