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Webster Staff Alliance

Mission and Goals

The Webster Staff Alliance (WSA) affirms that staff are a vital part of the Webster University community. Our purpose is to build an active and inclusive staff community that engages staff members across departments and campus locations in support of the University mission; to serve in an advisory capacity to University Leadership on the issues and concerns of our diverse constituency; and to support staff professional development opportunities.

In practice, the WSA will:

  • Identify the issues, interests, and ideas of our diverse staff members, including underrepresented groups, to help guide the WSA's actions and proposals;
  • Provide staff with a safe space to voice their concerns;
  • Develop, present, and follow through on compensation proposals in order to improve the work and life of Webster staff members;
  • Sponsor professional development and personal enrichment opportunities for staff that promote learning initiatives including cultural competency;
  • Demonstrate their commitment to cultural competency and creating an inclusive workplace environment by engaging in annual topical training.
  • Provide activities and events which seek to continually improve morale and foster cross-divisional communications and connections;
  • Engage the extended campus network in the decisions and activities of the main campus in order to strengthen the inclusion and unity of Webster staff;
  • Facilitate opportunities for staff to offer input on University decisions and policies by participating on Webster committees with a commitment to diverse representation;
  • Foster two-way communication and information-sharing across the extensive Webster network with transparency and accountability;
  • Recognize the outstanding contributions of our dedicated staff members;
  • Work in collaboration with faculty and students to support the mission and values of Webster University.