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Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Rules Governing Members, the Constitution and Bylaws

Dear St. Louis Area adjuncts:

As the adjunct faculty unionization issue unfolds, please don’t forget to VOTE! Remember, a simple majority of the votes cast will determine the outcome. Those individuals choosing not to vote, however, will still be bound by the outcome.

Like any large organization or company, the SEIU has very detailed rules governing members. The Union rulebook is known as the Constitution and Bylaws. Members of SEIU Local 1 are required to conform to two different sets of Constitutions and Bylaws. The first is the Constitution and Bylaws from the SEIU International, while the second set of rules is contained in the Local’s Constitution and Bylaws.

The rules include terms and clauses including an Oath of Membership, Trials and Charges, and the priority of funds that must be paid to the International before the Local can spend any other funds.

MEMBERSHIP COSTS: As discussed in an earlier communication, the SEIU International and Locals rely on their members to fund its vast operations.

According to the most recent SEIU International Constitution, each member is required to pay the following to the International:




Per Capita Tax (International)

$  7.65

$  91.80

Per Capita Tax

“Unity Fund”


$ 5 .00

$  60.00

Strike Fund

$  0.40

$    4.80







3-Year Total




FINES AND PENALTIES – According to the SEIU International Constitution and Bylaws, members can be put on trial by the Union and fined for any of the following infractions: 

➢        A violation of any specific provision of the Constitution and Bylaws;

➢        Gross disloyalty or conduct unbecoming a member;

➢        Corrupt or unethical practices or racketeering;

➢        Working as a strikebreaker;

➢        A violation of wage or work standards established by the International Union or a Local Union.

More information about the Union’s Constitution and Bylaws that you will be required to follow if unionization moves forward can be found at in the FAQs. We will also continue to update this site with factual information about the important choice before you and your colleagues.

Finally, we urge you to vote no, if you don’t want to worry about violating the Union’s Constitution or being put on trial by the Union.

Please get informed. Bookmark and visit, an informational website we’ve established on the issue. As always, please direct your questions to