How Much Are Union Dues? - April 6, 2015 | Webster University

How Much Are Union Dues? - April 6, 2015

Dear St. Louis Area Adjuncts:

There is no question the Union charges dues.  What is unknown is exactly how much those dues will be or how the Union will collect them. 

The Union Constitution stipulates that dues must be at least $32 per month with annual increases of $1 per month. With this formula in mind, you as a member of the SEIU would pay the following:



Total Dues (minimum)







3-year contract total



More information about Union dues can be found at in the FAQ section.

Finally, as you review this information, ask yourself the following:

➢        Do you know what you are actually buying for the dues you are paying?

➢        Could you better use that money by putting it toward retirement or other purposes?

➢        Would you get a better return on your money if you did something other than retain the SEIU to be your exclusive agent with the University regarding your terms and conditions of employment?

If you feel your money can be better spent, then please vote, and vote NO in the upcoming election.

Feel free to visit for more information and to direct your questions to