You Must Pay Dues to Keep Your Job- April 10, 2015 | Webster University

You Must Pay Dues to Keep Your Job- April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015

Dear St. Louis Area Adjuncts and Instructors:

We would like to call your attention to two important union clauses:

Union Security Clause – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) can, and often does, negotiate a clause into Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) that requires all employees covered by the CBA to pay dues and fees to the union as a condition of employment. Failure of a faculty member to pay these dues and fees would result in their termination at the request of the union.  These clauses are known as Union Security Clauses because they provide the union with financial security. 

Dues Checkoff Clause – In addition to the requirement that all employees pay dues, the union often negotiates a Dues Checkoff Clause, which calls for the University to withhold union dues from an employees paycheck and send the funds directly to the union. 

As a result, employees covered by a CBA negotiated by the SEIU can lose their job – at the request of the union – if they fail to pay dues.

The Union Security and the Dues Checkoff Clauses are worth literally millions to the union.

If Webster University were to unionize and 500 faculty are paying dues of $32 per month, that would equal $192,000 per year being paid to the SEIU directly from Webster Adjunct Faculty and Instructors. That amounts to $574,000 over the course of a 3-year union contract. Over the course of two contract periods, Adjunct Faculty and Instructors would pay the union $1,048,000.

Your vote counts! We encourage you to take these facts into account and vote!

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